Thursday, March 05, 2009

And then there were 3

Lster loves his pacifiers. LOVES THEM. He does not get them during the day (unless I'm super unmotivated to take it from him) but he gets them at night. "Them?" you ask. There were 4. He had one in his mouth and cuddled with 3 each night and naptime.

I just noticed that one of his favorite ones (meaning one he often chooses to actually put in his mouth and not cuddle has a big old hole in it. Much to Lster chagrin I declared it garbage worthy. He decided he should dump it and he did it. I don't think I can express how attached he is to his pacifiers. I'm wondering when his loss will sink in. Probably at nighttime.

I'm so sick of the pacifier obsession that I often think that today is the last day and I'm throwing them all out but Cster calmly reminds me that Mster had to give up her night time pacifier on her 3rd birthday and so will Lster.

But today I decided I am spending no more money on them so if by "chance" any, or all, of his pacifiers get holes in them. Bye Bye Forever. I'm liking this idea. Bite away Lster.

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