Friday, March 06, 2009

Deal of the Week!!

Friday has become my grocery run day. I figure out all my coupons on Thursday (because my grocery stores have their sales wed-tues) and make my rounds on Friday morning after I take Mster to preschool.

My find of the week was an unintential find. I went to Safeway and saw a big sign that said some cereal was 99cents a box. I did a double take and then proceeded to fill my grocery cart with boxes and boxes of cereal. We now have enough Corn Flakes and Life to last us at least 6 months.

(After being home a few hours I couldn't get the deal out of my head. I kept thinking I should have boughten more. So I called my neighbor, who's daughter was already coming over this afternoon, to see if she could take mine for 1/2 hour while I ran back to the store. She said yes and gave me a slew of coupons to share so I would get some boxes for her. The result was a bunch of the boxes were only 5o cents each)

Hey, there's an economic crisis going on. A girl has to be smart in her purchases.

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