Monday, January 04, 2016

Picking your own DECEMBER!!

New Years Eve Around the World

For the past 2 years we have celebrated New Years Eve with family and we've taken to celebrate traditions from around the world. This year, we put 11 traditions in blown up balloons and let the kids pop them to find the tradition. 

Here they are with the unpopped balloons.

Dad's are great to help out when you are still learning your letters.

I didn't catch all the traditions on camera but here is Lster and his cousin, wearing dots. In the Philippines, you wear polka dots. The roundness signifies prosperity.

In Spain, you literally start off the New Year with your right foot.

  Japanese Buddhist temples ring 108 bells to rid us of impurities in the New Year. We had 9 people but not enough bells, so we had to improvise.

In Turkey, it is custom to sprinkle salt on your doorstep to bring peace and abundance in the New Year.

This might be our kids favorite. Money in cake!

We celebrate home grown traditions too. We are all about watching the New York City ball drop (from the previous year). The kids thought it was hilarious that there were so many shirtless men and couples kissing.

 Some other traditions we did, but didn't record was throw water away from the house, walk around the neighborhood (also known as our basement cause it was cold outside) with a suitcase, eat crepes, and eat 12 grapes for every bell ring at Midnight. So fun...