Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sickness, be gone!

I now deem this Christmas season, "the Sickest Christmas EVER". This even tops our first Christmas together when I was keeled over pregnant sick.

I haven't seen Cster this sick since he slept for 3 days straight after having an allergic reaction. Our throats still hurt. We still take daily medicine for the headaches. I can't count how many kleenex boxes we've gone through.

Seriously. We're done..

Friday, December 26, 2008

A fun 2 weeks

Its been hectic.

Its been fun.

Its been snot filled.

Its been full of massive glands and soar throats to make the strongest cry in pain.

Its been full of presents.

Its been full of family.

Its been full of sweets that nobody's really felt up to eating.

Its been full of caroling and the Christmas story.

Its been full of laughs.

Its been full of food.

Its been full of giddy children in elves jammies.

Its been full of duplicate gifts (oops).

Its been full of games.

Its been full of Christmas lights.

Its been full of a new haircut.

Its been full of surprises.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lster update

For my own record here is the boring sleeping update.

Lster cried at 8:30 (I went in since we had company and it was bothering them). He also cried at 12:44 - I did not go in and he eventually stopped but he cried a long time. Cster told me Lster also woke up at 11pm and cried but I didn't hear that one.

Mster woke up twice too and decided to battle me about her water cup both times.

I'm ready to check into a hotel.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Lster, get thee to bed

Lster has decided he doesn't need to sleep...period. No naps. Not at night. He's just going to stay up all the time and ask me to play wii and watch Dora. I'm not really liking this idea. Last night he was up between 2 and 4. At 3AM I finally decided this was the last night of comforting and that tomorrow there would be crying (probably lots and lots of crying). I did it with Mster and she's a great sleeper and healthy and she still loves me. (so much so that she would throw a snowball at me in a snowball fight because she's only going to throw one at the people she loves). And so last night (it being the last night) and Cster was still sick and I wanted him to sleep and not hear the crying I brought Lster into our room at 3AM and let him sleep with me. He then proceeded to "hang out" for an hour. I pretended to sleep and steal glances at him. Everytime he had his eyes wide open just lying there. And this isn't the first time we've had a 2-4AM incident.

What the...? Doesn't this boy need to sleep? I'm baffled. And most people know me as the Sleep Queen (A self-proclaimed title) I'm at a lost. Bring on the crying.

PS - Star picture coming. I can only take it at night because of window glare and I seem to forget once the sun goes down. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of sleep.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Trick Question

Just when I think she's the smartest girl on the planet.

Mster: How many days until seven (7) days?
Me: seven
Mster: Oh

My Farewell Words

Last week was a sad week. We lost a dear friend. I wasn't ready for it to go. I wasn't prepared. I hadn't said goodbye. One day it just up and disappeared out of our life forever. Whenever I try to bring it back all I get is tears. Sad sobbing tears. Frantic tears. All varieties of tears. I will miss it greatly. It had such a calming effect on the house. It broke up the day. It gave me and Mster some special alone time. And so it is with ultimate sadness that I've finally come to terms with the fact that Lster is no longer napping. I'm still in shock. Honestly, some days I forget and think I'm missing something and I can just do the one magical thing and he will start napping again. But I'm wrong. He's only 2. He's barely 2. I'm trying to look on the bright side of things but right now I'm just trying to find fun things to fill the 12:30-2pm hour (he never napped long to begin with) so that we don't go crazy.

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Star on our Tree

The angel on our tree was little suicidal and no matter how much coaching we gave her she just seemed to always be on the verge of making the jump.

So...I thought it would be fun for Mster and me to make a star. It worked and the star is at the top and Msters pretty proud of her achievement and I'm pretty proud she stuck it out and finished it without whining or getting bored.

Christmas Tree - 2nd attempt

Here are pics.

Lster Loved IT!!!

Mster Loved it until she fell down and broke a nail (seriously) and then cried and pouted and went into the car.

Here's the tree in our living room.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The 5 pies!

Snow Cones are a Hit

Lster called this "treat" ice cream. Eat all the ice cream you want my children. Eat away.

Christmas Trees Rock

Cster really wanted a real Christmas tree this year. I secretly did too but thought it slightly frivolous since we weren't even going to be here for Christmas. All our issues were answered when I was talking to my friends and they started discussing cutting down there own tree. I was hooked.

I convinced Cster (hahaha - convincing Cster to do something Christmassy when it also involves a real Christmas tree is hardly convincing) and after going with his parents to a lot to get theirs I wanted a tree RIGHT NOW.

So the first day of cutting season (monday), I got our permit, and off we drove to the mountains. It was a bit chilly so we bundled the kids up, borrowed and sled and were on our way.

Sadly we couldn't find anything and were getting a little worried about being in the woods (with no one in sight) with 2 young children as the sun was quickly making its descent. So we decided to come back another day. That day was yesterday. It was beautiful. We left earlier and we found out tree. I will not go into details on taking a minivan on a four wheel drive path. (I was thinking we are totally going to be those people in the headlines that people say "why are people so stupid")But we have a tree. Its in our stand. Its in out living room. Its watered. Its our tree and I love it. I will post some pics once we decorate it.

I love Christmas.