Thursday, November 22, 2012


Overheard in the car on the way home from attempting to trot with turkeys.

Mster - I'm so hungry. I wish it was Thanksgiving.
Lster - it is Thanksgiving.
Mster - no the dinner part. Where we stuff ourselves.

So today I am grateful that my children do not have to know real hunger.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There's an app for that - potty traing edition

When discussing the currency factor of potty training my friend suggested the Huggies Potty Traing app. It's officially called Pull-ups Igo Potty.

I immediately loaded that puppy up and Kster has been on fire ever since. He loves the "stickers". He loves the games (they are vey basic but he doesn't care). And he loves the chance to use my iPad since I'm pretty strict about it being for me and not for the kids.

He hasn't had an accident since Saturday night. Hurray for finding the right currency!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Me with a perm...and a pogo ball

and awesome shorts

and a headband

and shoes without socks.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

More smiles and giggles


I love to see the Temple...

I just had to share this picture because I love it so much. Its my mom and her Uncle going through the open house of the Calgary Temple. 

Picking a Bale of Apples

We had a HUGE list of things we wanted to do over fall break and this day had to be a HUGE highlight. We went with some friends to an apple orchard and had the orchard to ourselves and picked till our hearts content. The kids had smiles on their faces the entire time.

She's All Smiles

I can't tell you how much and often this girl is smiling. We are all smitten.

Scary Men and Sugar O.D.s

Halloween has come and gone and here are some pics to show some good times at the Burrito household.

 Halloween night shot

Can you see the eager anticipation of running from house to house in their smiles?

Dressed up warm for a stroller nighttime nap.

Its always more fun to go trick or treating with friends and family.

I told Kster to draw a face on his pumpkin for me to cut out.

How was my interpretation? hahaha Mster was the trooper carving pumpkins this year. The boys gave up pretty quickly but she scooped out most of her gunk and started on Kster's too. I rewarded her by letting her carve her pumpkin all by herself. This picture was after the pumpkin carving and before our Church's trunk or treat.

Sadly at the Truck or Treat Kster and his friend got REALLY REALLY scared of the "scary guy".  We are still helping Kster get over his fear of the "scary guy" :(

These are the 2 of them peaking into the gym through the small slit in the door to see if  its okay to come inside. (They still never went back into the gym.)

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Garage Party

The garage light went out the day Cster had his surgery so we've been walking in pitch dark in there for awhile. Today I finally bought the replacement bulbs and Cster put them in. 

The kids jumped for joy like it was Christmas and have been playing in there for over an hour.

They've never played in there before. Kster ran inside yelling how much fun the garage is, raising the roof with his hands and saying "it's a PARTY".