Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What did you say?

Today Mster decided to walk almost the whole way home from the library either holding her pant legs up to her knees or kissing the ground.

As of late Mster mixes up her F's and her S's. Some S words begin with an F. This becomes a little worrisome when she points out her sock to me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where to begin?

I'm just going to list the most recent stuff that happened because this week has been crazy for funny Mster stories.

1. Last Sunday, Mster goes into the aisle at church during the musical number and proceeds to dance.

2. After the musical number Mster gives a rousing round of applause followed by some hollers. For those who have never attended an LDS service, its a reverent event. No applause.

3. Sitting in the pew. Csters scout is sitting with us. We tell him not to let Mster out of the pew. So, he puts his legs to block the exit. Mster wriggles her way under his legs, gets herself into the aisle. She then punches both arms in the air simultaneously and yells "I did it!!"

4. After church we are standing in the hall. Mster sees all the people (halls are busy) and proceeds to wave frantically while yelling "bye people".

5. I tell Mster "I love you" while putting her down for a nap...she responds with "mmm hmmm". Like of course you do mom. but then turns the tables and says "I love you" back. aahh.

6. This morning I sneezed and Mster said "Bless you".

7. See Note 5: Mster has a bib that says I heart U on it. I told her it says I love you. Whever she sees it she now yells "I love me."

8. If you laugh at her she'll say "I funny"

9. Overheard numerous occasions"
Mster picks up the phone (or alternative)
Mster: Hi poop
Me: Who are you talking to?
Mster: poop
this goes for a lot of things. She has talked to all her uncles and friends. Somehow poop made the list

10. Taking a bath this morning Mster kept talking about poop so I took her out and put her on her potty and told her to push. She did and was successful. She got off, turned around, had a good look yelled "I did it!!" Punching her arms in the air.

Are you there readers? Its me, Squishy?

After careful consideration I've decided to retry the blog. This time I've got different goals.

It seems that Mster is stinking hilarious these days and I really need to record all the funny antics of our day. So, I'm going to use the blog to remember how funny she was and to pull up embarrassing stories when she brings home boys. I'm sure Sven will have his own sense of humour too and so he'll get some posts also.

Here is the warning:

1. Mster is dealing with things like potty training. If you don't like stories about poop, stay away. A lot of the humour happens in our bathroom.

2. I am expecting a little one and I am going to try and not let the blog be my rant on how much pregnancy is not for me. But I may have bad days and I may rant. On those days feel free to bring us dinner and play with Mster.

and with that...I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!