Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deals of the Week

**16 Dove Facial Towellette cleaners (travel size) - she doesn't know it but I'm giving some to my mother in law for her upcoming camping trip. I'm also going to let Mster use them to wash her face since I'm sick of the wadded up face clothes in the sink.
**7 Oral B Toothbrushes

I had another week of not using too many coupons. In fact, for my main grocery run I only used 7 (all for the toothbrushes) and the rest was just me shopping what was on sale at that store. I knew we needed fruit and veggies so I picked the ones that were the best deals. Usually when I do this I get a variety every week since it differs.

I spent $30 and saved 40% (toothbrushes not included) and got:
7 toothbrushes (look to the end of the post for that story)
4 lb strawberries
10 Kiwis
7 apples
3 green peppers
2 lbs of carrots
2 cucumbers
3 tomatos
2 - 1lb lunch meat
18lb bag of charcoal
3 dozen eggs

I guess I do have to admit that I spent 135$ this week at Costco. It was mostly stock up stuff that was on sale and I can't remember the last time I spent over $100 but it still hurt to punch in my pin on that one.

The Toothbrush Story
I've been waiting and waiting for toothbrushes to go on sale because I had a .75$ off coupon and I knew that one of the stores would have them on sale for a $1. And it happened. (It usually does the week the coupon expires and mine were for 5/31). So I had over 12 of these coupons and my neighbors also had a ton too. One of them stayed home and watched kids (they took "sand baths" and are filthy and very happy) while 2 of us went shopping with all of our coupons pooled. I also had to do my regular grocery shopping so I gave my toothbrush coupons to my friend and she went off to go buy them. This store only allows 3 coupons per item so it can take awhile. She went to the self scanner, scanned 3, gave the coupons to the checker and paid the tax, repeat 7 times while I went to go pay for my groceries. We divided the toothbrushes up afterward. This was so smart. We were in and out of the store so fast. We got everything we needed. We had no kids and we all got a ton of free toothbrushes. And the kids had way more fun playing with their freinds then shopping with me. Friends are great.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"True princesses are magical." - Mster explaining how princesses can come back from the dead to her friend today.

(PS - The end of princesses, blogged earlier, was shortlived)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A good Mom

This past weekend a girl Mster's age was eating fruit snacks outside. One of them, unbeknownst to her, dropped on the grass. I let her know and she promptly picked it up and gave it to her mom.

This morning Lster ate a cookie out of the garbage.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love my New Shirts

A friend of mine recently told me about a company called Downeast Outfitters. I'll post a link later. They are having a bunch of stuff on online clearance right now and have a maternity section too. The thing that is GREAT about this company is that all their shirts are SUPER long. I hate shirts that ride up and show your stomach and back and I think pants are being made lower and lower and that is not a good match. But these shirts looked awesome and they came highly recommended and ranged from $5-$10.

I sadly realized that I'm a little chicken to buy some clothes online and deal with returning them if they aren't what I want but I found out they have stores in Utah and so I went to day and I LOVE THESE shirts. They rock. They were having a special in the store 2 shirts get a pink one for $2. So I ended up getting 4 shirts (1 maternity, they are that long that they work for me) and the $2 one was a super cute cami with a lace bottom.

Check it out online.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sister Burrito

Lster has taken to calling me "Sister Burrito*" I'm not kidding. Mster tried called me Squishy at this age but I stopped that right away. Lster is determined.

"Um...Sister Burrito...can I have a drink?"

He gets the Sister because we call each other Brother and Sister at Church instead of Mr. and Mrs. so all the kids that come over call me Sister Burrito.

Today on the way home from the park he called me "Squishy". I finally put my foot down and said "Stop it Lster. My name is Mommy. You can not call me Squishy." His response? "Um...Sister Burrito..."

This is no joke but its stinking hilarious and I can't stop laughing. But I'm trying to curb the laughter so as not to encourage. Oh my.

*and by "Burrito" I mean my real last name.

Weekend Deals

I can't find the link but I've head that Old Navy is selling their solid color flip flops for 1$ this Saturday. My favorite reebox flip flops broke this week and I really want a good pair. I'm sure these ones are the cheapo plastic kind but I might consider getting some just to tide me over till I get the more sporty kinds that I like.

Apparently Krispy Kreme is selling a dozen glazed donuts for 99 cents on Saturday too. I'm not a super fan of Krispy Kreme but I know some people LOVE them.

And for my Canadian readers I don't know if this is USA only. Sorry.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Deals of the Week!

Free Stuff
12 packs of Mentos Gum
8 boxes of Johnsons Bath Buddies (my new favorite bath product that may just get a post all on its own) - bars of soap covered in nylon material so that they don't slip out of 4 year old hands.

This week (although its only Monday) I decided that the sales weren't super great and so I was going to go to one (1) store and do all my shopping there.

I was still pretty shocked and impressed with my purchases and the money I paid at my one store for the week trip. It goes to show that you don't necessarily need coupons to be a frugal shopper. I only had coupons for 3 items (crackers, gum and cereal) this week.

Total Bill (incl tax) : 26.14

3 boxes of Kix
2 italain sausage rolls
3 tomatos
1 cantaloupe
2 cucumbers
2 lbs of cherries
red/yellow/green pepper
5 boxes of wheat thins (garden sensations are Lsters and my favorite)
12 packs of Menthos gum
4 lbs of grapes

On a going green and being frugal note most grocery stores will give 5 cents per plastic bag you don't use in their store. It doesn't even have to be one of those reusable bags that you use. You can bring in your own plastic bag. 2 weeks ago there was a grand opening of a grocery store and they had reusable bags for 50 cents each. I bought a bunch and finally ditched most of my plastic bags in the recycle bin. I've already gotten credit for using them 12 times so I've gotten 60 cents off my bill in 2 weeks. That's the cost of one bag. And I don't have to feel guilty about using the plastic ones anymore.

I did however need a plastic bag on the way home to throw up in so I'm not completely green yet. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things that make me happy, mad and sad

It makes me laugh that my sister-in-law assumed that because I didn't post an update to "Freaking Out" I'm okay. It is true. We are fine and nothing happened but it still makes me laugh.

What doesn't make me laugh is that a church building in her stake burnt down this morning during stake conference. That's sad.

It makes me laugh that Lster can only distinguish between 3 emotions: happy, sad and mad.

It makes me mad when I can't get internet in my bedroom.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freaking Out!

I'm sitting here trying to figure out if I'm a criminal.

Our area has had wicked wind storms this winter/spring. Everything has gotten blown everywhere. We lost our garbage cans on one of those days. We also gained a plastic pool. One day a blue plastic pool showed up in our backyard after an extremely large bout of wind. I thought about it for a few days. What should I do with it? I wasn't going to lug it to all my neighbors and ask if it was theirs. That's a long walk (if you knew our house placement situation). I thought it kind of silly to post signs and if so where? On their doors? On lampposts? There weren't really that many options. And my indecision led to doing nothing and months went by. Eventually the weather warmed up and my kids started playing in the backyard and that pool became an important part of all things play. They filled it with rocks. They filled it with water. They filled it with everything. And it got holes. Lots and lots of holes. Last weekend Cster tried to throw it out when we were doing yard work but I wasn't ready to get rid of it yet. The kids played with it a lot.

Then tonight happened.

I'm sitting alone minding my own business when our backyard neighbors are clearly throwing a party. Cster is out golfing and the kids are asleep. Last summer they had a couple of big parties and it wasn't every weekend so I didn't think much of it. But the noise seemed to be getting louder and louder. I peaked out my back window and noticed 2 kids in my backyard right by the blue pool. I went downstairs and opened the back door and asked what they were doing. That is when I noticed 2 other kids up on the fence (between the 2 yards) and an adult male holding them up. They replied that they were getting their pool back. They saw Lster playing with the pool (had to be days ago) and they wanted it back. I apologized profusely. Explained that it blew in months ago and I didn't know who it belonged to and of course they could have it back. I showed them where the holes were and helped them carry it to the fence. At that point I came into contact with the adult male. If by contact you mean we were in close proximity to each other. He told the kids he was holding up he had to put them down. I then proceeded to repeat myself and apologize profusely while hoisting the pool over the fence. The man didn't look at me. He didn't speak to me. He didn't acknowledge my presense at all.

And now I'm kind of freaked out because I'm alone and pregnant and they are still really loud and there are a lot of people over there drinking and who knows what is going to happen in a few hours when they decide they are really pissed off that there are holes in the pool and they decide to do something in a drunken stupor. Why didn't they come get the pool when they saw it originally?

I feel like a criminal.

PS - Our calling 911 count in St. Louis was like 3 times. Our calling 911 count here has been 0 and I'd really like to keep it that way.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mster likes to argue everything. Unless she REALLY REALLY wants to do something she will argue a discussion until I finally scream. She used to preface everything I said with "actually".

Me: Here's your water.
Mster: Actually, I want milk

Me: Time to get in the car.
Mster: Actually, I want to play with my friend.

And the list goes on. But now she has dropped the preface and doesn't always use actually.

But...Lster has.

He just doesn't use it in exactly the same argumentative way.

Me: Do you want some water?
Lster: aaaacccttuualeeeeeee...yes.

Me: Go get me a diaper?

He draws out actually for as long as possible and I never know if he's going to say yes or no. So I have to wait for the answer to come.

Actually, its slightly annoying and cute at the same time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mud Fight!

Mster got a little dirty on Saturday. Instead of telling her get out of the mud we decided to let her go all out. Then Cster got involved and, if possible, she got dirtier.

Before Daddy

After Daddy

Lster loves his songs

Whenever Lster sees me on the computer he climbs up onto my lap and tells me he wants to hear songs.

He wants to hear himself sing the alphabet.

Deals of the Week

I didn't write one for last week but I did get a lot of free stuff and handed out a lot of free stuff too. One can only keep so much before it goes bad.

7 bottles of Kraft BBQ dressing
Wrigleys Gum
2 Vitamin Waters
5 bags of Snyders Pretzels
Colgate Toothbrush
1 lb strawberries

Good Deals:
3 colgate toothpaste (.25$)
12 bottles Kraft Salad Dressing ($.08)
Listerine - big bottle ($2)
Pasta - ww & reg. ($.77)

Odd Article about Twilight

I read this article today about the Twilight movie series. Apparently a hairdresser in St. Louis found some of the "top secret" scripts in the garbage can and returned them to the studio.

Umm...the movies are based on books...the story shouldn't be a surprize. We all know about the werewolves and we all know how it ends.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Dramatic Princess Exit

Mster attended a princess birthday party yesterday. She left the party with lots of treats one of them a big top with a princess picture. She spent all after trying to spin that top and got it to work once. After that successful attempt (which was painful achieve) she could not get the top to spin anymore.

Later that night she asked me if princesses were ever sad. Figuring it had something to do with the top I told her that princesses did get sad but they tried really hard to find ways to be happy so as not to be sad for too long.

Last night at bedtime Mster announced that if she was invited to any other princess birthday party she could not attend. She also wanted to get rid of all her princess dress up dresses. She was never going to be a princess again. Then, she looked at her bed and said we had to get rid of her bedspread (it has Aurura on it). I told her we could talk about it in the morning.

We haven't talked about it yet but she's still in her princess pajamas from last night so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I can't even imagine what her next love will be if princesses are thrown by the wayside.