Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sister Burrito

Lster has taken to calling me "Sister Burrito*" I'm not kidding. Mster tried called me Squishy at this age but I stopped that right away. Lster is determined.

"Um...Sister Burrito...can I have a drink?"

He gets the Sister because we call each other Brother and Sister at Church instead of Mr. and Mrs. so all the kids that come over call me Sister Burrito.

Today on the way home from the park he called me "Squishy". I finally put my foot down and said "Stop it Lster. My name is Mommy. You can not call me Squishy." His response? "Um...Sister Burrito..."

This is no joke but its stinking hilarious and I can't stop laughing. But I'm trying to curb the laughter so as not to encourage. Oh my.

*and by "Burrito" I mean my real last name.


Ortensia Norton said...

It would have been even funnier if he would have actually said "Sister Burrito" b/c how on earth would have he known you used it on your blog??? ANd sister Burrito is just so hilarious that you've got to teach it to him!!!

CV said...

though the whole anonymous thing is lost when you actually put your real name in the post.

Scarlet Panda said...

That is hilarious and adorable. Let him keep doing it!

Beth said...

That is really cute. My niece did that for a while, and it was very funny to hear her imperious voice barking out her parents names :) She was the oldest, though, so she didn't hear people call her parents mommy and daddy.

The youngest daughter of that family, however, has heard both her parents call my mom "Mom" and so wouldn't believe that her mother was not my mother's daughter - she got very affronted that her mom was not in the pictures of my mom's kids. So perhaps overly rigid adherence to the familial naming conventions is also bad?