Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deals of the Week

**16 Dove Facial Towellette cleaners (travel size) - she doesn't know it but I'm giving some to my mother in law for her upcoming camping trip. I'm also going to let Mster use them to wash her face since I'm sick of the wadded up face clothes in the sink.
**7 Oral B Toothbrushes

I had another week of not using too many coupons. In fact, for my main grocery run I only used 7 (all for the toothbrushes) and the rest was just me shopping what was on sale at that store. I knew we needed fruit and veggies so I picked the ones that were the best deals. Usually when I do this I get a variety every week since it differs.

I spent $30 and saved 40% (toothbrushes not included) and got:
7 toothbrushes (look to the end of the post for that story)
4 lb strawberries
10 Kiwis
7 apples
3 green peppers
2 lbs of carrots
2 cucumbers
3 tomatos
2 - 1lb lunch meat
18lb bag of charcoal
3 dozen eggs

I guess I do have to admit that I spent 135$ this week at Costco. It was mostly stock up stuff that was on sale and I can't remember the last time I spent over $100 but it still hurt to punch in my pin on that one.

The Toothbrush Story
I've been waiting and waiting for toothbrushes to go on sale because I had a .75$ off coupon and I knew that one of the stores would have them on sale for a $1. And it happened. (It usually does the week the coupon expires and mine were for 5/31). So I had over 12 of these coupons and my neighbors also had a ton too. One of them stayed home and watched kids (they took "sand baths" and are filthy and very happy) while 2 of us went shopping with all of our coupons pooled. I also had to do my regular grocery shopping so I gave my toothbrush coupons to my friend and she went off to go buy them. This store only allows 3 coupons per item so it can take awhile. She went to the self scanner, scanned 3, gave the coupons to the checker and paid the tax, repeat 7 times while I went to go pay for my groceries. We divided the toothbrushes up afterward. This was so smart. We were in and out of the store so fast. We got everything we needed. We had no kids and we all got a ton of free toothbrushes. And the kids had way more fun playing with their freinds then shopping with me. Friends are great.

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