Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love my New Shirts

A friend of mine recently told me about a company called Downeast Outfitters. I'll post a link later. They are having a bunch of stuff on online clearance right now and have a maternity section too. The thing that is GREAT about this company is that all their shirts are SUPER long. I hate shirts that ride up and show your stomach and back and I think pants are being made lower and lower and that is not a good match. But these shirts looked awesome and they came highly recommended and ranged from $5-$10.

I sadly realized that I'm a little chicken to buy some clothes online and deal with returning them if they aren't what I want but I found out they have stores in Utah and so I went to day and I LOVE THESE shirts. They rock. They were having a special in the store 2 shirts get a pink one for $2. So I ended up getting 4 shirts (1 maternity, they are that long that they work for me) and the $2 one was a super cute cami with a lace bottom.

Check it out online.

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mav said...

those are great. CValentine had us get those for her wedding. I love them. You just reminded me how much so I got a couple more.