Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mster likes to argue everything. Unless she REALLY REALLY wants to do something she will argue a discussion until I finally scream. She used to preface everything I said with "actually".

Me: Here's your water.
Mster: Actually, I want milk

Me: Time to get in the car.
Mster: Actually, I want to play with my friend.

And the list goes on. But now she has dropped the preface and doesn't always use actually.

But...Lster has.

He just doesn't use it in exactly the same argumentative way.

Me: Do you want some water?
Lster: aaaacccttuualeeeeeee...yes.

Me: Go get me a diaper?

He draws out actually for as long as possible and I never know if he's going to say yes or no. So I have to wait for the answer to come.

Actually, its slightly annoying and cute at the same time.


Megan C said...

Actually, this was a super cute post! Cute kids Cyn!

Tara said...

How cute is that?!!!