Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Daily Pondering

1. Why is it that sometimes Mster is very good at telling me when she wants to use the potty and using it successfully and other times she refuses to admit that she has to go poop when she is pooping as she tells me she's not.

Me: Are you going poop?
Mster: No
Me: Do you need to use the potty?
Mster: No
Me: You just went poop. Now we need to go to your room and change your diaper?
Mster: Tay (then walking to her bedroom and standing in front of the change table)


2. Not a daily pondering but an amusing anecdote. Mster thinks she has a baby brother in her belly. (for the record we don't know the sex). She points to her stomach and tells me she's got a baby brother inside. I hate to disappoint her but I tell her everytime that I am the one carrying the babies in our house.

Oh Lady Pie Where art thou?

At thanksgiving Cster gave Mster an inordinate amount of pie and she wouldn't stop talking about pie for weeks after. It drove me nuts.

The Saturday before Easter we had a potluck dinner and one of our guests brought pie. Mster still asks me everyday for pie and everyday I tell her that I don't have any pie. (this time she's added a reminder to me that we eat pie with our mouth, very helpful) She always responds by our having no pie by asking where the "lady pie" is. I might just curl up in a ball and die from the amount of times I have to tell her that the lady took the pie home and will not come back and bring her more pie.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Top 10 Sitcoms

We are debating the top ten sitcoms in our house.

Anybody want to weigh in? Must be an American sitcom on network TV.

1. Seinfeld
2. Simpsons
4. My Name is Earl
5. Cheers
6. Friends
7. Gilligan's Island
8. I Love Lucy
9. Happy Days
10. Scrubs

I'm still thinking.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bathtime Fun!

The other day Mster was taking a bath. I was washing the back of her leg when she let out a very loud fart.

Me: Mster, what do you say? (to which she normally replies 'scoob me')
Mster: (looking behind her) Where poop?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A whole sentence!

This morning while I was in the shower Mster told Cster that she wanted "my daddy read blue train book". For those with counting issues thats a 6 word sentence. Hopefully after the numerous requests as to Fish Frog's whereabouts, he will believe she can actually speak now.

This morning, after putting the Mster to bed 1 1/2 hours late, she woke up 40 minutes early. Hmm.... She also got very distraught by the chairs still in our living room from our Easter Potluck the night before. "People chairs".

Friday, April 14, 2006

Interesting Tidbit

From the SSN database :

There were 887 people who registered their kid Kennedy in 2000's.
There were 881 people who registered their kid Oswaldo in 2000's.

Trader Joe's

Today Mster and I went to Traders Joe's. I love that store. We needed to stock up on this puffy popcorn that we keep eating of our neighbours. The store has mini carts for the kids to push and so I thought Mster might enjoy pushing her own cart. However, Mster is like a drunken sailor when given her own shopping cart (even when it is small) and she rammed into every aisle possible. The problem was that I made such a big deal about how she was going to get her own cart that she wouldn't let me touch hers (it was hers). Finally we made it to the snack section and while I was trying to figure out which popcorn my neighbour buys she filled up her little cart with 5 bags of trips and was moving on to the next aisle. Guess she decided to do her own shopping.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Mster has started to count. She can and has counted to 10 two times but since then has outright refused to do it again.

Right now her favourite number is 4. She likes to throw it in at random and then giggle. This morning while reading a favourite counting book she threw out all counting rules and just yelled "forty, forty, forty, hahahaha" over and over followed by congratulatory clapping (on her part, not mine).

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dirt Lady...Where are you?

Its official...I'm planting a garden.

Mster and I went to the store yesterday and bought oodles of seeds and dirt and other planting wonders. We were helped by a lovely lady. Mster calls her the dirt lady and has taken quite a fascination with her. We went to the same store twice yesterday and had to go again today but only got helped by dirt lady the first time. Yet everytime we are in the store, near the store or randomnly around the house she requests to know where she is.

Where dirt lady?


Oh no, where dirt lady?

This girl is persistant. She is persistant. If she wants something she will not stop till she gets it. No amount of destraction works unless it its of the sugar variety and then she's persistant about getting that. Her persistance could be about something as simple as going into the laundry basket but she will not except any substitutes until she is in. The moment she's in she will entertain new thought and probably immediately request to get out of the basket but until she's in don't even bother.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Can you repeat that please?

Mster can do 2 and 3 syllable words but some words just get shortened no matter how many times I try and tell her the correct pronunciation.

buttons - butt
buckles - buck


tomato - meemo
oatmeal - eh-be-dep