Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lster is doomed

Mster is really into being Cinderella. When she is 'in character' you must refer to her as 'Cinderella'. Today she wanted to dance with Prince Charming who I thought was Lster but later found out it was me. I asked Mster who Lster was and she said "the Godmother".

I guess sex isn't an issue when playing pretend.

Although she has informed me that all the boys at her birthday will eat a 'Boots' cake because they are boys and all the girls will eat a "Dora" cake because they are girls. For the record there will be only one cake. All the boys will have to deal with it. I hope Mster can.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I was offended

In the elevator today in the library a man was wearing a shirt that said something about killing all lawyers would make a better place. It had a source. I think Henry IV - Shakespeare or something like that.

I know that the world has this hatred for lawyers and I've heard all the jokes but I just don't think its right that people can wear stuff like that. I mean its ignorant and judgemental and classing groups of people in a heirarchal manner. This man felt he was better than all the lawyers in the world.

Well one of my friends (who may even read this) prosecutes child abusers in a really poor county with not a lot of hope. Is she scum?

I guess the ironic thing about it all is that all the lawyers out there would probably argue that the shirt was a freedom of speech and a right and he should be able to wear it if he wants. I mean I'm not saying we should censure t-shirts but I jsut wish people wouldn't be so stupid.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oops...silly mommy!

Mster: Look at the Cinderella I drew.
Me: I like it. That 's a great Cinderella.
Mster: No, that's a spider.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bad or Good

Mster: Do you need to pee badly?
Me: Yes
Mster: You should pee goodly mommy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bone Hoses and Green Horses

Mster: What colour is the hose in my body?
Me: Uh...I don't know...What colour is the hose in your body?
Mster: pink...and purple...with Dora and Boots on it.
Me: Really?
Mster: Yep
Me: What does the hose do?
Mster: It waters my bones.
Me: Do you have any other hoses?
Mster: Nope, just that one.

Mster: What colour of horse do you like Mommy?
Me: I like brown horses.
Mster: What colour of horse do you like Lster?
Me: What did he say?
Mster: He said 'green'.
Me: Wow...have you ever seen a green horse? I don;t think I've seen one before.
Mster: Yes, when I was in California. Not when I was in Calgary. I was only a wee tiny baby and I didn't see a green horse there.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I think my brain is missing,,.or did she put it back

Today was a slightly rough day both physically and mentally. At one point I fell backwards onto the floor and decided to never get off my back again. Shortly thereafter my hair was pulled numerous times by 2 kids who thought my act of despair was a welcome invitation to crawl all over me. After a couple of elbowings and few kicks I finally got up to a seated position and told Mster that I was not well. She then proceeded to poke me with her finger into numerous locations asking "does that hurt". I finally admitted it was my stomach and my head to which the real story lies...

Mster quickly found her plastic play fork and announced that she would find my missing brain.

Mster: Is your brain lost?
Me: No
Mster: Is your brain lost yet?
Me: No
Mster: Is your brain lost yet?
Me: I guess so...I'm feeling my mind going.
Mster: I'm going to find it for you.

At this point she raised her plastic utensil to my forehead...

Me: are only allowed to preten put my brain back. You are not allowed to actually touch my head with that fork.

Mster to my amazement did it. She worked fast and quick. I didn't feel a thing and moments later proclaimed me fixed. I'm ready to send her off to mutant school.

Some people might be a little worried that their 2 year old is performing surgery on them with plastic forks but I for one don't have a problem. I hope the AMA doesn't have a problem with Mster's medical feat or with the fact that she performed it repeatedly over a 15 minute period.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Mster

Mster has figured out that others don't look like her.

Mster: "Why does Dora have darker hair than me?"

Mster: (to the Tongan sister missionaries in our car) "Your skin is different than mine."

I have not done anything to talk about differences with her...she just came to that conclusion this week I guess.

And a classic line to go down in Mster history books.

Me: "What are you doing?"
MSter: "Um...I just want you to stay right there so you won't say no."

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I got compared to Britney.

I got compared to Britney in my lack of posts lately.

Thanks Aunty Mav.

Mav: You aren't posting any pictures or anything these days.
Me: My stupid battery charger got packed and your mom's cam doesn't have video
Mav: That's like Brittany Spears telling her biggest fan that she hasn't come out with a good record in a long time. I know that no videos are being produced, I check everyday. Spears, you have no news for me. I RUN the fan club.
Me: I just got compared to Brit.
Mav: Brit in an unproductive period.
Me: That might just make the blog.

Don't call DFS

Mster: (Running up the stairs in front of her Grandpa) Don't worry Grandpa...I'm going so fast so my mommy doesn't beat me.

Lster is crawling.

I got High School Musical for my bday and Settlers of Catan. I rock.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The bestest bday present ever!!!

Me: (to Mster) Thanks for making birthday crowns with me today
Mster: Your welcome
Mster: (hugging me) I love you.