Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lster is doomed

Mster is really into being Cinderella. When she is 'in character' you must refer to her as 'Cinderella'. Today she wanted to dance with Prince Charming who I thought was Lster but later found out it was me. I asked Mster who Lster was and she said "the Godmother".

I guess sex isn't an issue when playing pretend.

Although she has informed me that all the boys at her birthday will eat a 'Boots' cake because they are boys and all the girls will eat a "Dora" cake because they are girls. For the record there will be only one cake. All the boys will have to deal with it. I hope Mster can.

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Nell said...

When I was a kid I was always really offended when my brother was given a grill cheese sandwich because I thought I was actually called a girl cheese sandwich. Boys were NOT under any circumstances allowed to have them. Grown-ups just didn't get it.