Friday, October 30, 2009

Sometimes Deals are just too Good

I've slowly been getting back into getting some good deals. This week is a week of inspiration. Thanks to the help of my good friend I scored some extra coupons and am planning on some crazy deals.

Last night I stopped off at the store to get a headstart. Here's what I scored:

4 rubber gloves
1 can evaporated milk
1 gatorade
3 boxes swiss miss chocolate
1 activia yogurt pact (4ct)

all for $1

I look forward to going back today for other deals.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mster Musings

While changing Lsters bottom...

Mster: WOW...that is really smelly. Good thing you're a mom and you don't mind that sort of thing.


Mster: Is this all real?
Me: Is what real?
Mster: This...Life.
Me: Yep this life is all real.
Mster: Wow life is going by so fast.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some days are not your own.

I'm just saying...

Its almost 11pm and I haven't showered yet today. I should probably go do that since I see no reprieve tomorrow.

I'm attempting to potty train again.

At one point today I had all three kids in the bathroom with me. Lster was on the little toilet. Mster was doing her homework. I was feeding Kster. I turned away from Lster to help Mster with a question. I turned back to see a fountain spray getting all over Lster, the pillow I was using to nurse, the floor, the toy Lster was playing with, and I think you get the gist.

And to add a little irony to the day...while calling Cster to announce his triumph of actually using the potty, Lster peed himself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lster "Wuvs" Halloween

Lster is cracking me up.

Its his birthday this saturday. It is also our church's halloween activity this friday night. We spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find supplies for both festivities. For the record I did 3 stores with 3 kids and lost my sanity at store #2. Also for the record I was not trying to be frugal (read cheap) by doing 3 stores, I could not find a costume for poor Lster anywhere.

So store #1 I thought I could get most party supplies and hopefully finish our halloween costumes. Didn't happen. No costume for Lster (he really wants to be Spiderman) and no makeup for Mster (she's going to be a glittery witch). Also no great supplies for a 3 year olds Soccer party.

Store #2 Here's hoping...spiderman costume has a big ol' full head mask and there is a strict no mask policy (and apparently a no cross dressing policy) for friday night and I didn't want him to have a half a costume so no go. Although this store's spiderman had built in super huge muscles. This made me laugh. Super huge muscles and Toby do not go together. We did however find a soccer ball pinata.

This is where the subject heading comes in (for those that were wondering where this was going). Lster had no clue what a pinata was. I explained it to him. "Lster, you fill it with candy and you hand it up and you whack it as hard as you can until all the candy falls out." With a big grin he announces "he wuvs halloween", followed by a procession of all the other things he "wuvs": soccer, candy, spiderman, his friends, etc. Oh he makes me laugh.

And I'll just leave it at that. Store #3 was a success at finding his spiderman costume. It also produced some glitter makeup but I would like to publicly state that there is a severe lack of glitter makeup this year. I should not have to buy 10$ worth of face makeup just to get a small tube of glitter in a combo pack and this should not be my only option. I'm just saying.

And I'm off to charge my camera for our "wuv" fest this weekend.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Exercise and Shakes

Sometime during this past pregnancy I longed for the day when I wasn't tired and could actually move my body anyway I wanted. It was at this point that I decided the moment I felt ready to start exercising again, I would. And it wasn't just going to be a little running or walking. I wanted to get in shape. I didn't just want to lose the weight I wanted to be strong and have energy.

And so began my patient wait to start p90x.

Cster had boughten it last spring and we decided that when I was ready we would do it together. That day was 2 weeks ago.

I am loving exercising everyday and I am loving exercising everyday with my husband. Its really fun. Its kicking my butt. Although I have to admit I'm trying really hard to be smart and not let it kill me because I do have 3 kids to take care of during the day one of whom likes to be held all...the...time.

Speaking of Kster he started out a sleepy baby (like most are) but soon turned into the crying baby. He would sleep but during the day he sure liked to cry and cry and cry. He expecially liked to cry at 6pm. We could set our watches to his crying. The doctor told me to stop eating dairy, caffeine and chocolate. After one week we've seen a serious improvement in Ksters demeaner. Its not perfect yet but he's at least not screaming.

But...this means that I can't eat cereal in the morning (or anyother time for that matter). I'd been thinking of eating protein shakes like Cster but they honestly scared me a little. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to start. So for the past 3 days I've been drinking protein shakes with spinach and I have to admit they are not that bad.

Here's my recipe:

1 scoop of protein powder
1 banana
1 1/2 handfuls of spinach
orange juice

The magic ingrediant in this mixture is ice. The first day even though my oj was cold the shake was too tepid. Now with the ice its much easier to get down. Its my green slushie. Mmmm...