Monday, January 04, 2016

Picking your own DECEMBER!!

New Years Eve Around the World

For the past 2 years we have celebrated New Years Eve with family and we've taken to celebrate traditions from around the world. This year, we put 11 traditions in blown up balloons and let the kids pop them to find the tradition. 

Here they are with the unpopped balloons.

Dad's are great to help out when you are still learning your letters.

I didn't catch all the traditions on camera but here is Lster and his cousin, wearing dots. In the Philippines, you wear polka dots. The roundness signifies prosperity.

In Spain, you literally start off the New Year with your right foot.

  Japanese Buddhist temples ring 108 bells to rid us of impurities in the New Year. We had 9 people but not enough bells, so we had to improvise.

In Turkey, it is custom to sprinkle salt on your doorstep to bring peace and abundance in the New Year.

This might be our kids favorite. Money in cake!

We celebrate home grown traditions too. We are all about watching the New York City ball drop (from the previous year). The kids thought it was hilarious that there were so many shirtless men and couples kissing.

 Some other traditions we did, but didn't record was throw water away from the house, walk around the neighborhood (also known as our basement cause it was cold outside) with a suitcase, eat crepes, and eat 12 grapes for every bell ring at Midnight. So fun...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween 2014 - The year I decided to sew costumes

The idea for teenage mutant ninja turtles all started with the hat. I found it online when I was looking for something to crochet during conference. And then the costume got a life of its own.

Mster wanted nothing to do with TMNT. 

She did, however, want a sidekick. 

In action... 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

4th grade Campout

How to have the most fun in 24 hours.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Lster Bday Party had the Force

Lster wanted a boys Star Wars party.

Lster brought all his friends to table to show them how to make Yoda origami. He is very good at folding Star Wars characters.

Once everyone arrived we had the boys run through a Jedi Obstacle Course to make sure their bodies were in tip top Jedi shape.

Next we searched for Moon Rocks. 

The boys eagerly anticipated the light saber cake.


Somebody left the cake eating to go check out his presents. I found him ogling the treasure.

Somebody's dad really likes him and gave him a SUPER BIG second helping of cake.

It was time for light saber fun. They had to pop bubbles and keep balloons in the air.

Eventually it turned into a daddy made game of tag.

I kept the little one entertained while Cster got a lot of little boys really, really worked up (and hopefully tired for their parents)