Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Cake

To say that Mster is excited that tomorrow is my birthday party is the understatement of the week. She is ECSTATIC! When she's not belting out mexican tunes she talking about our "friend A-- make birthday cake". Which is followed by where is the cake? Where is the party? and it goes back to full circle with Mster telling me she's going to be eating bday cake very soon.

Mster's Channeling her Mexican Elvis

Yesterday Mster repeatedly said "thank you. thank you very much." throughout the day instead of just thank you without any prompting. I can't wait till I teach her how to curl her lip. Its going to be awesome.

Today Mster would not stop singing a mexican song. I can't remember the name of it but its a traditional one that has a lot of "eye yie yie yies" in it. Its hilarious.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Its all in your attitude...

Its all in your attitude and right now mine sucks. We are getting new neighbours in a few weeks and so our housing people decided that these people needed a whole new apartment and ordered a team of 6+ people to come evryday for 2 weeks (and counting) from 8AM to 5:30PM. These men will smoke in the apartment which blows into our hallways and even lingers in our front yard and they threw their butts in our backyard until I asked them to stop (to their credit they did pick them up right away after I mentioned it too them too). But today has been my limit. There is drilling. There is banging. There is SOOOO much noise. AND THEY TURNED THE WATER OFF!!!! I hate that they turn the water off and don't even warn me that its going to happen so I come home from grocery shopping ready to get lunch and do water things and I can't do them. Erg!!!!!!

And now onto the regularly scheduled Mster blog programming. On the way home from the grocery store this was the conversation that ensued. I didn't tape it so its obviously not word for word but I've tried to at least capture that annoyance/cuteness of it all.

Mster: my juice is hot. hot. hot. no warm. warm juice. hot car seat. warm juice. hot, no warm. warm juice. where daddy go. where daddy go. my have sour cream. sour cream. my have mommy's pretty* mama. my have mama's pretty.
Me: no, you can't have my pretty
Me: no, I need it.
Mster: no MY have mama's pretty (whining)
Me: Mster, you have your own pretty. you don't need mine.
Mster: My have purple pretty.
Me: actually its a prink pretty.
Mster: no WHITE pretty.
Me: okay
Mster: no PINK pretty.
Me: okay
Mster: where daddy go. where green light. watch out car coming. watch out. watch out. watch out. where golf go. where golf go. FOUR. four, people four. where golfing go? four golf. my go to park? park mama, park.
Me: no Mster. We are going home to put away the groceries, have lunch and take a nap.
Mster: my have sourcream?

*pretty = hair elastics

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Treat time

I've been telling Mster all day that we're going to Panda's and Warm Fuzzy's house. I feel that she does better when she knows what's going on and since we're going to put her to bed there I want her to be comfortable.

We were talking about it again when she woke up from her nap when all of a sudden she got VERY excited and told me that there would be treats (not previously mentioned) and that she was going to have one at their house.

I say this with no pressure to Panda and Warm Fuzzy to actually have treats. Mster also informed me that she would be sleeping in a yellow crib and not a green crib and I will not be running out this afternoon to fulfill her colour request. :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Who knew Stuffed Animals were such Voyers?

Today Mster insisted that 4 of her stuffed animals watched as she went to the bathroom. She brought them in, lined them up against the wall and smiled. Then she poked them all in the eyes and checked their bums. For the record all of them had poop in their bum except the green bear. Good job green bear!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stop and smell the roses

For many they need to take some time out of their busy life (or from sitting in front of the tv) to smell the roses, well, smelling the roses isn't allowed in our house. Roses have thorns that hurt little girls when they grab the stems to bring the roses closer to their face. So, instead Mster stops to look at ants. We can not go for a walk anywhere without Mster fascinated all the thousands of ants on the ground. She tries to pick them up. She smooshes them with sticks. She just points and yells for anybody to hear that "we have ants".

Its started already...

Everytime we get in the car Mster and I have a "discussion" over who is going to drive. First she tells me she's going to drive. When I tell her I'm driving, she states that she is going to drive. Perhaps she feels if its sounds factual than it will be real. Her last ditch effort is always a whining asking to drive.

Only 14 years to go...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh My...Part 2

Today Mster woke up and immediately asked for her heels. Then she found a "purse"* and she was all ready to go. We were off to the grocery store and she asked to wear a dress too. So she had on a dress, heels, and a purse while shopping. I wondered if people at the store thought I had dressed her myself.

While I was getting ready (read, taking a shower) I thought Mster was tucked away snuggly in front of the TV watching Sesame Street. I mean we did have a big farewell which included an explanation of where Mommy was going and big hugs and kisses. But, no sooner had the water turned on when I heard Mster at the door talking to me and knocking. The knocking grew much louder and I couldn't figure out what she was using to make the noise. I finally opened the door to find the culprit.

Mster had taken off her shoe and was pounding it on the door. One would think that when I opened it I would see some major catastrophe which caused the need for incessant pounding but all Mster said to me was "Mama, my shoe fell off".

So finally shopping was done and groceries were being put away. I was a little worried that Mster would find some of the special treats that I had picked up for Cster and I so I was trying to put them away fast. I don't know why I needed to worry. I asked Mster what she wanted for lunch, turned around and saw her in this predicament.

In case you can't tell my cropping job, she's eating broccoli. She found the package, opened it up, sat at her table and began munching away.

*her purse is a Easter Egg basket. I had to convince her that the only way she could take the purse shopping was if she emptied out the eggs. It was definately a hot struggle until I told her she could carry the keys and her drink in the purse instead. Oh the delight and glee of an almost 2 year old.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh My

In case you haven't noticed from the last few posts (minus the bragging one, of course) Mster is starting to become quite the independent lady. Today I told her she had to get dressed because we were going to go to the post office. This is what she decided she HAD to wear.

I had picked out the shirt with another pair of pants. BUT Mster insisted on wearing the matching pants and then insisted on wearing her fancy shoes. Notice the high heels. She wore the shoes all morning.

Bragging Time!

Look what I did...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The power of imitation

Sometimes when Cster and I ask Mster to do something, she ignores us. Whenever this happens to us, we ask Mster to look at us and when she does we repeat what we are saying in a more firm tone.

This morning Mster has started demanding our attention by repeatedly saying "look me" and then telling us something.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Sorry Mster, you can't reach everything

Mster just realized at lunch today that she can't reach everything that she wants to. She hurt her knee and asked me to kiss it better "under the knee". I did it (getting the wrong knee at first). Mster then decided to kiss it better herself (under the knee) but just sat there confused that she couldn't reach it. You don't want to laugh but it was pretty funny. That in addition to already being ready for a nap caused quite an internal commotion.

After months of begging and pleading Mster finally has a pool. When I went originally to get her one they were all sold out and her request has been daily ever since. Our neighbour informed me yesterday that the store had ordered more and gotten them in. (very informative that a 3 year old knows the stocking situation of a major department store) So, today I took a chance and went and I'm sure Mster is now dreaming sweet dreams of splashing and swimming in her orange beast. Everybody's welcome to ditch work and school and whatever else is important to them to take a dip*.

*Unless you are under 3 feet, "take a dip" means put your feet in. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What kind of mother am I?

So today I took Mster to a park. It was scorching hot. The playground was dark green and any attempt by the kids to play on it resulted in screams of "its too hot". But I was waiting for some friends so decided to stick it out till they came. Mster found a water fountain that spurted water and immediately fell in love and drenched herself. All I could do was sit there and wish I was 2 years old too. Soon other kids caught on to the water oasis and attempted to join Mster. Their parents told them to stop so they wouldn't get wet. There was no way I was going to make her stop. It was hot. It was safe and so what if she got a little wet? I saw a bunch of parents looking at her like she was crazy. I responded by turning to look at the parents as if they were crazy. What kind of mother am I? Luckily my friends came shortly after and both mom's encouraged their kids to play in the water instead of the playground too. And then, eventually, the area was swarming with kids whose parents had initially said no.

Sven has been confirmed to be appropriately gender named. All "boy parts" (the technical term the doctor used) were accounted for.