Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Its time for a hiatus

I hate season finales. It seems like forever till I'll see my favourite characters. I always want to protest the season finale by not watching it and therefore not missing the fact that its gone but it never works. I watch the last show and am left for months eagerly waiting in anticipation when my evening entertainment will return.

It has time for the Burrito to have a season finale. I've thought a lot about it. I started this blog with an idea of where it would head and I don't feel like its heading in that direction. And so I'm going to take a break and fill my time with other things that fulfill me and use the time to find more things I might like to do.

I'll still read your blogs. I'm not going anti-blog.

Thanks to all.


Monday, January 30, 2006

So much to say...

First off I'd like to direct you this link. I hope it works. It made me giggle.

We're back from the Great North. It was quite an adventure. You try travelling alone with a toddler, a backpack and a big car seat and tell me about your adventure. AAAHHH!!! I think my arms might just fall right out of their sockets. Oops there goes one now. Thankfully I must have looked pitiful enough and I got help almost every step of the way except in Dulles. Dumb D.C.er's, you think you're too important to help out a weary mom. I especially enjoyed discovering that the airplane from Dulles to Cster was being borded from the outside. That was fun! (note sarcasm)

I did enjoy helping out a little old woman in the Montreal airport as we went through customs/immigration. She asked me to help her fill out the customs form. So here was I, her, Mster, all my stuff trying to read the form in short and slow words for her to understand.

Me: Do you have any weapons?
Kazakistan lady (KL): Huh?
Me: Do you have any guns or knifes?
KL: Huh?
Me: Do you understand me?
KL: No
Me: Do you know the word kill, dead, or murder?
KL: No
Me: hmmm
Me: Do you knowt he word meat?
KL: yes
Me: Using hand gestures as if I'm cutting meat, then holding up my hand, saying "knife".
KL: OH!!! No!!!! no knife!!!

This went on for 15 minutes. Nobody helped us. The immigration people watched us and laughed. Other passengers watched us and laughed. Mster just sat there thinking we were crazy.

I'd like to point out that 80% of the people around me in Montreal spoke french. This tells me that all these years when I've told people that Montreal is more english and Quebec City is more french. I've been wrong.

We stayed on St. Catherine's street/rue. We went to The Bay. Its a department store in Canada. In Calgary the store is 2 floors of boring regular department store stuff including families and older people buying stuff. Nobody in their 20's really shops there. In this Bay everybody was a teenager or young adult and there was a dj spinning on the main floor. Huh?

Those are some stories I can think of now. Perhaps I will have more later.

I Love Home!

I have a greencard. I have a greencard. I have a greencard. yeah.yeah.yeah.yeah.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hello...Is anybody out there?

I realized that I haven't posted a lot lately and my post today is to announce my departure to the Great North.

Mster and I leave tomorrow. I'm interviewing with the immigration folks on Wednesday and should be back in the Midwest on Sunday.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to post while I'm there. We'll have the internet and a computer so who knows. I'll definately be keeping notes and take my camera to document our Montreal adventure.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I don't like Vomit!

Its true. Its disgusting and it means your not feeling well and it smells.

Mster threw up 3 times yesterday and I felt so sorry for the girl. Yuck. I have to admit I'm feeling a little sorry for myself too. I think you should be able give yourself a pity party every once in awhile and tonight is mine. She's tired. She's sick. She's not feeling well and I'm the only one that can soother her but there is only me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm feeling extra spiritual today

So Mster has found a new fun activity. Praying. Cster and I started having prayers with her before her meals and we pray at church and now in our household we pray spontaniously too. She folds her arms, tells us she wants a prayer. It cracks me up.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hat Special in Aisle 9

Okay maybe the flossing post was a bit too much info but hopefully this will redeem myself.

Yesterday Mster and I took a trip to the store to find storage bins for my 25lb bag of bread flour I bought for 5$. We got to the aisle I assumed was correct only to find a bunch of garbage can lids strewn all over the floor*. These were the kind that are round and have push lids that spin right around if you get some good momentum. Mster was estatic. "Hats" she yelped and immediately put one on her head. The lid completely covered her head and so she started running up and down the aisle blind as can be yelling "hat**" over and over.

I couldn't stop laughing until someone I knew just happened to walk down that aisle at just that time. With a sheepish look I had to explain that yes I let my daughter wear garbage lids and run around like crazy. I mean who wouldn't.

* please note these were garbage cans for sale. I did not let my daugther wear used garbage can lids on her head. (let alone public used garbage can lids)
**she definately said "hat" and not

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I hate flossing

I was never a regular flosser. I was the one at the dentist office who had to sit through the "this is how you floss" speach from the assistant every time I had a visit.

My bad record changed in the spring of 2002. I roomed with a flosser who convinced me and converted me to flossing. Wow she was a flosser and she supported me through all the pain of those first few days/weeks. But within a short period of time my gums stopped screaming in pain but squeeled with delight at the sight of the white minty string. I could dig till my heart was content and felt nothing. It was awesome.

I continued on for months and then sadly slipped back into my brush only days. Its now 2006 and I am ready to floss. I started earlier this week and oh my goodness the pain. It was all I could do to remember my dear friend who relished in the floss pain. Mster took my floss for a couple of days and I finally found it today so I will be returning to the nightly ritual.

Wish me luck and if you hear a blood curtling scream just roll over and go back to bed. I'll survive.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Wow, was it ever a hot day today!

If you hung around me and Mster today you would soon believe it too.

For the record, I don't think it went about freezing today and the morning started with freezing rain, then freezing snow all with a bunch of crazy wind action. It was darn cold. Mster and I had to get some groceries and so off we went to brace the elements. Not a moment out of the house Mster announced "hot". I corrected her and told her "no honey, its cold". To which she replied, "hot". This went on for a few minutes.

Here are some other "hot" conversations we had today. (Sometimes it was hot, sometimes not, sometimes cold)

Mster: hot
Me: No Mster its cold
Mster: hot

Mster: hot
Me: Is it hot?
Mster: No
Mster: hot

Mster: hot
Me: Do you mean cold?
Mster: hot

Me: Brrr...its cold
Mster: hot
Mster: hot
Mster: hot

There was no winning this competition and so admist the freezing precipipation we were greatful to be so "hot".

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Interactive Wednesday - The Results

Surprizingly no one got any answers right and some of you got the right answer to the wrong question.

So here's the truth...

1. What is Mster completely fearful of?

The Shower...she throws the biggest fit possible that ends in this crazy panic scream/cry. This is rather odd considering she loves baths, she loves getting water dumped on her head, she likes the rain, she likes playing in fountains, she loves water fountains but turn on the shower and its mass pandimonium.

2. What does Mster have a love/hate relationship with?

This is the vacuum. She loves it but it has its place. For instance, the vacuum must be announced (kudos Warm Fuzzy for that call), it can not just be turned on. Also, the vacuum can only vacuum our front room carpet and no other peice of carpet or else she protests like crazy. I can't even vacuum the small door mat at the front door without a "hey, I'm not sure that I like what you are doing?"

3. What does Mster love to death and will go crazy with excitement at the mere name of it?

The space heater. Her love of the space heater is a little ridiculous. She runs to it when its time for bed. She has now moved to waiting for me to get her when she wakes up on the side of the crib closest to the space heater instead of the door. (To which she then repeatedly reminds me that there is a space heater in her room with shouts of "eatr, eatr, eatr") The towel on the crib from the biting/pepper incident doesn't cover all the way to where the space heater is so I'm not sure if I will need to adjust. So far no gnawing has occurred. She even got very upset when I tried to use the same plug that the heater uses to plug in the vacuum. "Eater! Eatr! Eatr!" I tried to tell her that the heater didn't mind if the vacuum used the plug but it fell on deaf ears.

4. How many more sentences can I end in a preposition?

The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Interactive Wednesday - A little behind and a little late

Its been a funfilled day outside with Mster and all of her nap time was spent feverishly trying to finish a baby sweater for a shower tomorrow night that I started last night. (they usually take 5 days, not straight days but 5 days of normal tv watching).

But here it is...

1. What is Mster completely fearful of?
2. What does Mster have a love/hate relationship with?
3. What does Mster love to death and will go crazy with excitement at the mere name of it?
4. How many more sentences can I end in a preposition?

Hint: All objects are machine like although one does not need electricity. So no stuffed animals or clothes or anything like that.

I'll give the answer tomorrow night.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Happiest Mom Ever

Mster woke up today at 7:30AM. I am the happiest mom ever.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mster wants to sleep.

I decided that there were too many 5:30AM wake up calls from Mster that were putting me in foul moods the entire day. I decided that I would keep her on the same time zone as our travels instead of readjusting her. Tonight she would go to bed at 7pm instead of 6pm. All was going well. I gave her dinner at 5:30pm instead of 5:00pm. We were playing and having fun. We went to her room to change her diaper and when she saw her bed she immiediately tried to climb in and begged to go to bed. I told her we had to wait awhile and she cried and cried and cried and begged some more. I finally thought "this is stupid, let your daughter go to bed" and so I put her to bed at 6:20pm.

Crazy girl. What kid begs to go to bed?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back in the good ol' US of A.

Yep, that's right. We've arrived safely and sound back in the US of A. Would you believe me if I said I felt a difference the moment we got off the airplane.

Our flight was an hour late and we were 2 hours early for our flight which left 3 hours of entertaining Mster at the airport. And the way customs/immigration goes once you get through security you are stuck hanging out at your gate with absolutely nothing to do. Here was everything we could find:

-1 fast food restaurant
-1 juice bar
-1 starbucks (they really are everywhere)
-1 newspaper stand
-1 toy stand (not so great with a 17 month old who has constant sticky hand syndrome and feels -the need to touch every stuffed animal possible. She can't even pick one that I may consider paying the abismal airport price for. No she must tuch all of them and then immediately discard it for the next animal that catches her eye)
-2 toy areas (read 2 1-metre/yard squared area with a one of those boards that has stuff chidren can play with. It lasts 10 minutes a pop)
-infinite amount of drinks that people put on the floor while they are reading/listening to their ipod/chatting with their travel companion
- 2 waterfountains those water goes about 1 cm/1/4 inch about the spout so I would not let mster drink from it much to her dismay everytime we went past them.

Our saving grace for both their and back was the Business class seats that we scored from my mom's points. Yeah Points. While I was a little disappointed by the lack of warm towelettes I greatly enjoyed the free flow of beverages in real glasses(even before we took off), the warm nuts in a bowl, the meal (yes the meal), the fruit and cheese platter, the warm cookie, the free starbucks coffee (even though I don't drink coffee I can regift can't I? Oops...Mom pretend you didn't read that.
), the ginormous seats that definately aided when trying to entertain Mster. The speedy check in and security clearence. Oh how I love Business Class.

We did finally arrive. We are now hanging at the in-laws and will soon be enjoying our 12 hour car ride to the place we like to call home. Its been 3 weeks, I hope its still there.

Monday, January 02, 2006



There is nothing more to be said.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Wow Post #3 - Its all about Hockey!

I really like to separate ideas in posts so today there are 3. We are visiting Canada. I grew up in Canada and heard all the stereotypes and rolled my eyes and thought everybody else was crazy but I'm starting to doubt my rolling of the eyes. Since we've been here we have watched a lot of hockey. Its on all the time. Every night you can get at least 2 games. 2 groups of friends talked about going to games over the break. I can't remember the last time anybody I know went to a game in the USA. PS - Yeah Team Canada for winning the first round of World Juniors. (they beat the USA in their last game. I'm sad that I'm actually into this series and will have to resort to catching scores of the finals on the internet as there is no way that my rabbit ears at home are going to pick up any hockey signal in the near future. :(

Crap Out!

This is not my story but I witnessed it so I hope its okay to share. It makes me giggle everytime I think of it.While visiting the in-laws my milster and mster and I went to a friends house who has a darling 3 year old. Mster and her "played". (read: co-existed while we tried to get them to play with different toys). Then the 3 year olds mom told a story of earlier today.It seems that her darling girl is into imagination. So that day she packed a suitcase for her dolly and off they went to the "hotel" to go for a swim. Unfortunately her dolly had a crap out and they had to completely change her and give her a bath before they could go. Of all the wonderful things this great mom is trying to teach her daughter "crap out" is what she picked up. While telling us the story her daughter even looked up and said "my dolly had a crap out today and we had to give her a bath."Its enough for me not to think about this story in public and not giggle uncontrollably so that people think I'm crazy.

Money! Money! Money!

So Mster says money! now. I include the exclamation point on purpose. Its awesome. She got 2 piggy banks for Christmas. Once is an actual pig (well not an actual pig but a porcelain pretend pig with a slot in the top and a hole in its belly) and the other is a furry dog (again, not a real furry dog) that barks when you fill him with change.One night Mster came up to me holding the dog and saying please (oh yeah and we're working on please too). I sadly told her I had no money and that she should go to Grandpa and Grandma for the money. They burst out laughing until they saw Mster toddle over to my mom, puppy in hand, begging for money. I started saying "money" in a wierd voice and she picked it up too.So, now Mster holds the dog, toddles to my parents, and says "money" in a deep throaty voice that means "give me money now or else". Hahahahahaha....it kills me everytime.