Monday, November 04, 2013

Lster Bday Party had the Force

Lster wanted a boys Star Wars party.

Lster brought all his friends to table to show them how to make Yoda origami. He is very good at folding Star Wars characters.

Once everyone arrived we had the boys run through a Jedi Obstacle Course to make sure their bodies were in tip top Jedi shape.

Next we searched for Moon Rocks. 

The boys eagerly anticipated the light saber cake.


Somebody left the cake eating to go check out his presents. I found him ogling the treasure.

Somebody's dad really likes him and gave him a SUPER BIG second helping of cake.

It was time for light saber fun. They had to pop bubbles and keep balloons in the air.

Eventually it turned into a daddy made game of tag.

I kept the little one entertained while Cster got a lot of little boys really, really worked up (and hopefully tired for their parents)