Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I was offended

In the elevator today in the library a man was wearing a shirt that said something about killing all lawyers would make a better place. It had a source. I think Henry IV - Shakespeare or something like that.

I know that the world has this hatred for lawyers and I've heard all the jokes but I just don't think its right that people can wear stuff like that. I mean its ignorant and judgemental and classing groups of people in a heirarchal manner. This man felt he was better than all the lawyers in the world.

Well one of my friends (who may even read this) prosecutes child abusers in a really poor county with not a lot of hope. Is she scum?

I guess the ironic thing about it all is that all the lawyers out there would probably argue that the shirt was a freedom of speech and a right and he should be able to wear it if he wants. I mean I'm not saying we should censure t-shirts but I jsut wish people wouldn't be so stupid.


permathreeseat said...

In the context of the play, the government is oppressing the people and the nobles realize that they need to get rid of the people who can form a cogent and well-reasoned argument against them. Who are those people? The lawyers. Because lawyers are the people who defend the population against the tyrrany and excesses of unchecked government power. Shakespeare was actually saying that a free society can't survive without lawyers. So the next time you hear (or see) someone making that statement, just remember that it's actually a pro-lawyer statement.

Nell said...

When fishfrog and I got our drivers licenses we were pinned down by a petition guy on the way out. He wanted us to sign so that several issues could get on the ballot, two of which he pronounced rather proudly to be "anti-lawer." Of course his tune changed immediately when he found out who fishfrog was (and for the record we didn't sign for those), but I found it interesting that the term "anti-lawer" was supposed to be the main selling point. I guess there are people out there who really respond to that.

Nell said...

Oh dear, I repeated spelled lawyer wrong. Does that mean I'm part of the problem...?

Nell said...

RepeatedLY! My goodness, will it ever end?!?