Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Scary Men and Sugar O.D.s

Halloween has come and gone and here are some pics to show some good times at the Burrito household.

 Halloween night shot

Can you see the eager anticipation of running from house to house in their smiles?

Dressed up warm for a stroller nighttime nap.

Its always more fun to go trick or treating with friends and family.

I told Kster to draw a face on his pumpkin for me to cut out.

How was my interpretation? hahaha Mster was the trooper carving pumpkins this year. The boys gave up pretty quickly but she scooped out most of her gunk and started on Kster's too. I rewarded her by letting her carve her pumpkin all by herself. This picture was after the pumpkin carving and before our Church's trunk or treat.

Sadly at the Truck or Treat Kster and his friend got REALLY REALLY scared of the "scary guy".  We are still helping Kster get over his fear of the "scary guy" :(

These are the 2 of them peaking into the gym through the small slit in the door to see if  its okay to come inside. (They still never went back into the gym.)

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mav said...

I think it is a real hoot to scare 3 year olds. Neat trick, scary guy :(

The costumes are way cute.