Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Lster, get thee to bed

Lster has decided he doesn't need to sleep...period. No naps. Not at night. He's just going to stay up all the time and ask me to play wii and watch Dora. I'm not really liking this idea. Last night he was up between 2 and 4. At 3AM I finally decided this was the last night of comforting and that tomorrow there would be crying (probably lots and lots of crying). I did it with Mster and she's a great sleeper and healthy and she still loves me. (so much so that she would throw a snowball at me in a snowball fight because she's only going to throw one at the people she loves). And so last night (it being the last night) and Cster was still sick and I wanted him to sleep and not hear the crying I brought Lster into our room at 3AM and let him sleep with me. He then proceeded to "hang out" for an hour. I pretended to sleep and steal glances at him. Everytime he had his eyes wide open just lying there. And this isn't the first time we've had a 2-4AM incident.

What the...? Doesn't this boy need to sleep? I'm baffled. And most people know me as the Sleep Queen (A self-proclaimed title) I'm at a lost. Bring on the crying.

PS - Star picture coming. I can only take it at night because of window glare and I seem to forget once the sun goes down. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of sleep.

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cheetah said...

Mille went through this. One night she started singing and doing the actions of Skinarink-etc. It was over 2 hours of screaming that did the trick.
This too shall pass, but feel free to cry.