Friday, March 06, 2009

Fire Ants!

I have 4 girls playing at my house right now. One of them is Mster. For awhile they were yelling and screaming for me every 2 minutes. Apparently they felt the need to announce every red ant they saw. 4 girls can see a lot of ants.

I finally told them. "They are NOT fire ants. You will not get eaten. You will not burn. If you yell one more time you will all have to play inside. If you play outside, there will be ants. just step on them."


daring one said...

How very heartless of you. To the ants, I mean.

cheetah said...

Wow I missed a lot!

Score on all the furniture! I am so excited just reading that!

That cereal story cracks me up.

and barfing and not breathing is a terrible feeling. Made me so angry when it happened. WHY SO BAD?!?!