Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goodbye Hair

I've been thinking about doing an A-Line bob on my hair for awhile now. My ends were seriously wrecked and so much so that a little trim was not going to do it. I was over at a friends house yesterday and was asking her about hairdressers. Her reply, "An a-line bob? I can do that."

And so she did. Right there and then. And I walked away with significantly less hair than when I arrived. It was awesome.

What is not awesome is that Mster wants a haircut just like it. Hmm...I don't think we're ready to chop off her locks or be a mommy-daughter match. :)

Also humorous is that another friend told me she wanted her daughter to have the same haircut. So with her daughter and my haircutting friend's 2 daughters who are sporting the bob I will match a significant portion of the 4-5 year old girls in my church. Uh...


Tara said...

Your haircut is SO cute on you! I really like it! "K" is gonna be the wards hairdresser for the a-line cut!! (I'd be right in line if I could get away with it! I need a thinner face...maybe someday!)

Mavelous said...