Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 2

Yesterday I became a big mess of parental disarray ready to curl up in a ball and hide until Cster came home (which at that time I wasn't even sure when that would be). I finally decided for the sanity of all involved I decided to take a break at about 2:30pm. I put on a diaper (well, I didn't put on a diaper, I put a diaper on Lser). I called my best friend and lamented on how hard parenting is and woe is me. Then I hung up and let my kids watch tv. And then I gave Lser a super long time out (for non-potty related incidents) and then I threw them outside to ride bikes against the most horrendous wind. And then I made pancakes and sent them to bed.

This morning, I am much more refreshed. I am much more ready to face the potty training task. I'm not sure what will happen at 2:30 again but until then I'm ready to forge forward. Its snowing. Its cold. Its windy and we'll be inside cheering Lster.


Tara said...

As long as you're in the potty training mode...can I send Tyler over? I'm sure he'll be an ANGEL. :o) (yeah, right!) Not looking forward to that.

cheetah said...