Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Do List

I have not been one to write To Do Lists. I use to laugh in college when my roommates wrote out lists for everything. They would put shower on their list just so they felt good about crossing something off. That being said today I wrote a To Do List.

Every once in awhile when there is just so much to do I cave and write it down. It all started when I had a child and I couldn't go to the store and get the 5 things I needed without writing them down. I would end up with 7 things in my grocery bag with only 2 of them being what I originally needed. So I started writing grocery lists.

For the past week I've woken up and said "I will pay bills today". And every night I have gone to bed and not paid bills. I'm not just sitting in bed eating chocolate, yesterday I completely reorganized the kitchen and both kids rooms as well as did 4 loads of laundry. I just didn't do the bills. I remembered the last time I had this dilemna and remembered that the day I wrote it down as part of a list I did it that day. So today I tried it. I wrote "pay bills" along with a bunch of other stuff I really wanted done.

And I did it!!! It totally worked. I didn't do everything on my list (organizing beats out bills which beats out bathrooms) but I did the bills. So I think once a month (around bill paying time) I'm going to write a to do list and hope that the pattern sticks.

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cheetah said...

or call yourself and leave a message on your phone. I left 4 messages for myself today.