Monday, March 09, 2009

Potty Training

This past weekend Lster stopped what he was doing and looked down for a few seconds. I asked him if we was peeing. He gave me a BIG grin and said "I'm peeing!"

That was enough for me to say its time to start the mountain climbing obstacle of being a diaper free household (for 5 months). I talked about it during the weekend with him and this morning made a big deal about going out to get new big boy underwear. Mster and Lster talked it over and Lster became VERY adament and excited for his "dora" underwear. I've heard of kids picking the opposite sex underwear but wasn't sure how well that would go over here.

Thankfully the boy underwear was at toddler eye level and the girl underwear was at adult eye level. Lster picked Diego and Sports. He also picked out a sugar filled sport drink and his treat (for when the magical moment occurred)

We headed home and he immediately took off his pants and put on the underwear. He did not like the feel of the Diego underwear and proceeded to take them off. We tried the sports ones (which were a little smaller). He then proceeded to try on every single pair we bought. The problem was that Lster likes to dress himself. Actually that is not the problem. The problem is that Lster does not have the coordination to dress himself and yet insists on doing EVERYTHING himself. So he would try on a pair, put both feet in one hole, not like the feel of it and insist on trying another one. Then he would put them on backwards, not like th feel of it and insist on trying another one. Then he would put the right feel in the right holes but not be able to pull them up right so certain body parts were hanging out and the elastic was all twisted , not like the feel of it and insists on trying another one. It was fun!!

I finally decided he should just go naked. I made him sit on the potty for 1/2 an hour chugging his sport drink. I read story after story and then he begged to get off. I was done too so we moved onto another room where he proceeded to have an accident 5 minutes later.

Since then he's had 2 other accident. Both times he knew what was going on and told me about it. Both times I took him and put him on the toilet right after. He even finished one of the times. Then he begged to watch Dora so I told him if he sat on his little potty he could watch Dora. Then his bum started to hurt (I mean you sit on the toilet for 2 hours, there's going to be some redness) and I let him get up. He got up for a minute but then sat right back down. Seconds later he peed, on the carpet, while sitting on the potty. (I guess we'll work on aiming this afternoon).

But I think this is progress. He sat down to go. I remember Mster having 6 accidents the first day of potty training. I have a carpet cleaner and I'll do a big clean this afternoon and dump in the bath before he goes to bed.

I'm not sure its going to happen but I'm ready to try full force today and tomorrow and we'll see about the next day.

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daring one said...

Next time you get him some underwear, you should consider boxer-briefs. Magoo loves them and they're all I have to carry around with me in my purse in case of accidents because (in the warmer weather) you can change him into those and people think he's just wearing shorts. Not that Magoo EVER had accidents in public.