Sunday, March 22, 2009

Surprise Party

Mster told me today she knows what kind of birthday party she wants (for her bday in July!). A surprize party. My parents tried to get more info out of her when they talked to her today but she was very tightlipped and finally said "I don't know much about my party because its a surprize).

And I was told today that I hadn't blogged that we were having a boy. There are just too many electronic ways of communicating that I forget to post info everywhere. Its a boy, still currently called "Loki". Mster told me today he was sick and hungry. So she went downstairs and made him a snack. Tortilla chips, gold fish, animal crackers, almonds, raisins and apple chips (dried apples) in a bowl. She then told me to eat it. I took a few bites and said it was too close to dinner. She asked if the food had gotten through the tube to Loki yet. I'm thinking that he didn't like it all that much cause all I want to eat is meat and fruit.

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Tara said...

Don't forget celery!!