Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I WIN!!!

Tonight I went to dinner at our Church with a bunch of other woman. We had to bring out purses. I just knew they would end up playing a game of "do you have ??? in your purse?" so I had planned on bringing my big bag and filling it with junk so I could win.

In reality...

I have the smallest purse known to man. Its a wallet with a strap. I love it. I hate the idea of carrying around a big bag full of stuff. I keep diapers and wipes in my car and if I know I'm going to be far from my car I use the big bag. The big bag still being smaller than the average purse size.

So...things didn't work out like I planned and I completely forgot my purse plan and only had my regular wallet with a strap purse. Turns out I still won. I won smallest in weight (7.6 ounces) and smallest in size. I also had 2 of the items that they called out.

For those Canadians out there reading my purse is the MEC wallet. I've had it for years and years and its still in perfect condition. I love MEC. Oh and my "big bag" is also MEC. I've also had it for years and years and its still in perfect condition.


Megan C said...

Yay you won!!! I actually think I remember you having a similar purse about 10 years ago. . . could it be the same one??? Way to go!!

Squishy Burrito said...

Its so the same purse. 10 years!!

Kathryn Thompson said...

I love that purse. I don't know that I could fit anything into it but I wish I were a wallet on a string person. Perhaps I will be again someday.