Friday, February 27, 2009

I was not expecting this when I woke up...

A few days ago my friends cashed in an awesome deal. Free brand new furniture. Somebody they knew had just bought a show home that was going out of business and they got it fully furnished and didn't want most of the stuff. The only stipulation for my friends was they had to move it themselves.

So Mster was already planning on spending the afternoon playing with their daughters and when I talked to my friend this morning she asked me if I wanted some of her stuff. She only wanted me to offset some of the rental truck expense and a king size mattress that they would have to buy.

I went over this afternoon with a general idea of what she was selling but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. First off her husband just wanted to get rid of it all. So they sold me everything for 300$. They also packed it into their rental and moved it to my house and unpacked it for me because Cster was at work. They just kept giving me more and more things.

All in all we got:

A full dining room set that sits 8 (6 chairs and a bench). The table is regularly a rectangle but extends to a square and a hutch to match. I also got all her linens to go with the table. I also got some wall peices that went with her dining room set.

2 couches. A love seat and big sofa(with a hidabed!!!) with all the matching pillows. (Her house is very put together and everything matched and looked great.

An end table

A weight bench complete with weights and bar.

A double stroller

2 matching tables lamps

A kid size table with chairs

I'm so overwhelmed by all this new stuff that I should be working to arrange and declutter and clean so I can fit it all in nicely but after the stress of figuring all that out I just want to lie down and rest and look at my old dining room set that is now in my living room.

This is all too much for a pregnant woman.


Tara said...

Ah man! SO Jealous! Wish I had friends like that!!! That's awesome!

Megan C said...

Sweet! You really cashed in! Way to go!!!

Froggy said...

That's really cool; congratulations, and good luck on reorganizing.