Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mster is Reading

Mster is reading. Sort of. She needs to be in exactly the right mood. She has to be coaxed. She has to sometimes be bribed but if the stars all align she will put the letters together (in the right order) and read.

The interesting thing with teaching Mster to read is that she has an amazing memory. AMAZING. I can read a story and she will remember the words in the story. So more often than not I will ask her what the word is and she will go back into that brain of hers and try to rememer the story word for word. She'll look at the picture and guess the word or she'll just remember the sentence from when I read it to her (only 1 time before). This last example happened last night. We were showing Cster her new talent. She was reading "but". It took some time but she finally got it and proceded to say "I hope he can play the harmonica" really slowly, as if she was reading. She had me thinking she was reading all the way until she said "harmonica". :)

I'm not sure how to tap into that memory ability to teach her because I've read articles that most adults don't actually read phonetically. They look at a word as a whole and guess what it is in the context of the sentence (we just do it really fast and have enough practise that we normally get it right).

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Megan C said...

Cyn, she's doing awesome at reading!! Memorizing the story is the first step! All of my kids started with that, and eventually they start actually reading. It really is the first step! That's awesome!