Monday, February 23, 2009

Garbage Can Comformity

A few weeks ago my neighbour told me about a trash company that seemed to have a good deal on garbage pickup. For the same price I was paying now I would get one of their rolly huge bins (I was using a regular store bought one) and for a 1 time 10$ fee I could get recycling too. I thought I had just renewed my latest trash commitment so I said I would have to reconsider.

Then the wind storm to end all wind storms came on garbage day and we lost our garbage can. I searched the neighborhood but could not find it anywhere. So I checked my trash contract and realized I hadn't paid them yet so I could switch companies. Which I did. On a side note, later that afternoon I found our garbage can only to have to be stolen less than an hour later when I went back to go get it.

So the purpose of this story is share how excited Mster is for our new garbage can. We apparently now have the same garbage can as ALL her friends and she pointed out every other garbage can on our way to preschool. "Mom!!! WE HAVE THE SAME GARBAGE CAN AS THEM!!" She is beyond beyond excited.


Beth said...

Hey, at least right now it's the same garbage can, not the same $200 shoes.

Ann said...

I'm confused. Your garbage/recycling doesn't just get picked up by the city? That's one of the basic functions of a city and why you pay municipal taxes.

Squishy Burrito said...

If you live where I live you have privatised garbage pickup and you have a choice of at least 5 different companies. If you live where you live or in Canada, its municipal.