Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Baby Popper

Mster: I'm going to ask daddy to help me build something.
Me: Really. What?
Mster: Its a baby popper. And when its all done I'm going to paint it yellow and red.
Me: Nice. What's a baby popper?
Mster: You know a thing that pops out babies.
Me: Uh...how exactly does it work?
Mster: You just use it and pop out babies. Lots of babies.
Me: What are you popping babies from?
Mster: Cannons. Its a cannon. Daddy'll help me.
Me: Interesting.
Mster: We are going to have a brother, a sister, a mom and a dad and lots and lots of babies. You might step on them. Its going to be a REALLY REALLY big family.

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