Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Wii Guy

My 4 yr old loves the Wii. I'm sure there are lots of parents out there who can judge me for letting my 4 year old play wii but to them I would say...he's 4 AND A 1/2. :) And he can read. And he can do 1st grade math and spelling tests. And he has a ton of friends. And he plays outside almost everyday. And he's got the greatest personality ever. So...yes, I let him play wii. We often play together. Its so much fun.

Today he told me about "Wii guy". I was fascinated so I asked him a ton of questions. I'll post his responses in interview format.

Me: So tell me about Wii guy.
Lster: Well, he has a lot of wii games and he gives them to people.
Me: Like Santa (which is a whole nother blog post)
Lster: Yes. He gives the wii games to Santa who gives them to the people.
Me: Cool. Where does he live?
Lster: He lives by Santa at the North Pole so its easy to get them to him and then he drives home.
Me: How does he get home? by car, by bus, by van, by truck, by airplane, by boat, by train?
Lster: None of those. He walks. Cause he lives VERY close to Santa.
Me: What does he wear?
Lster: Sometimes he wears clothes like Santa
Me: Where does he get his wii game?
Lster: He just has them. And he tries out all the games before he gives them out.
Me: What happens when he has no more wii games?
Lster: He goes out and buys more.
Me: At a wii store?
Lster: Yes. There is a wii store VERY close to his house.

Let me know if you have any more questions about wii guy? I'll ask the expert.

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Joanne said...

What is Wii guy's favourite game? Does he give it away too or keep it for himself?
Is he your hero?
He is such a great guy, what would you get him as a thank you? (might give me an idea what to get Lksr for his birthday)