Friday, May 27, 2011

A Good Day

I'm not sure how this happens but with my oldest the moment a inkling of sound came out of her mouth, I understood. I look at videos of her really really young and she wasn't as clear as I thought she was back then but I really did understand her and we worked great together.

Then my second one came along and we struggled. I couldn't understand him and I was worried and I had a doctor that was way to proactive and it was a hard period of time. Things got better with a new doctor and when he finally decided it was time to talk, he spoke well and clearly.

And now I have my 3rd child who communicates in nothing short of shreeks, yells, grunts and frustration. Its actually frustrating for both of us. He is talking. He just isn't clear at all. And so he stomps his foot and throws stuff and gets generally upset at the whole situation. He has different versions of mama to tell us his thoughts, desires, needs, excitements. I can tell the difference in a couple of intonations. He's got a word for his older sister and a different one for his brother. He says grandma.

BUT...the last 2 days we have made progress. On wednesday he said "hello". It was a game and he thought it was HILARIOUS. If you ask him to say "hello", he won't. But if you play a game with him and hide and then pop out and shout "hello", he will join in and continue the excitement. And yesterday, he said "bubble" and "pop".

And I got them on video!

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His husky little voice is SO CUTE.