Monday, May 30, 2011

Fish Tacos

On my list of blessings I've received since meeting my husband I can now add, knowledge of fish tacos and actual consumption of fish tacos.

Last Monday we had some Tilapia that needed eating and my husband came up with this delicious dinner out of the ingrediants in the fridge. It was so good, we made it again for dinner last night.

Start with putting your corn tortillas on a broiler pan. Add beans and cheese and place another corn tortilla on top. (we only had chedder) Put in the oven until beans are heated up and cheese is melted.

Cook fish in skillet (all my husbands doing). He's the master of opening our spice pantry and making a rub for any meat we are eating.

MY PART! MY PART! I even got to participate in the culinary creation. I was in charge of the salsa.

This one was a corn salsa. Last night we substituted mango for the corn and thought it was even better. Added just the sweetness we needed. Pretty much what you see, is what you get in this salsa.

And you can always squeeze a little lime juice over the whole taco once its prepared. This taco has a little green chile on top.

Pretty Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Yum! Can't wait to try one.

Mavelous said...

I'd recognize that chop job anywhere...

PS I want to go to there