Monday, May 23, 2011

Plan B - Reality

Plan B of not going camping was in fact this:

Picked up Mster at noon on friday (her actual time off of school on fridays. we are going to miss that next year) and go out for lunch

Headed on over to glow in the dark mini golf (also known as "the dark side of mini golf" according to Lster). But, getting sidetracked by these:

But we did make it in to start putting.

Kster was done after the 1st 18 so I took him across the way to do one of his favorite things ever.

The next adventure was their favorite dessert place yoyo yogurt. Cster and Kster stayed home while I took the older 2 to eat dessert BEFORE dinner. (oops no pictures, which is a shame because I have never seen 2 kids eat so much candy in one sitting)

We came home to pizza and Prince Kster being fed by his daddy.

When it was time for bed the kids were very excited.

So excited that we let them do it again the next night.

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Mavelous said...

This is awesome! I love this post.