Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My doctor just pumped me full of prescriptions

I hate taking medicine. I don't even think Nyquil works all that often. Sometimes it will knock me out but more often than not I will end up having a restless night of inadequate sleep as I drift in and out of conciousness. (And inevitably the night I take Nyquil will be the night the kids decide to get up 5 times and I'll be walking around in a dazed stupor anyway)

That being said I can't even take nyquil right nor do I think its the right medicine anyway. I've got serious chest congestion. I feel like a somebody lit a cat on fire, blew it out right away, stuck it in my chest and now the smouldering mass of cat fur is just sitting there putting pressure in my lungs and making it hard for me to breathe.

Today we had our 20 week ultrasound and doctor's appointment. I hestitated to tell the doctor the chest issue but I did and asked what I could take. After asking a bunch of questions she decided that I needed 2 prescriptions (2!). One she prefaced by saying, you will feel like you just drank 3 cups of espresso. Your heart will race and you'll feel jittery. Umm...that sounds worse than a smouldering cat.

But I listened and I bought them and I took them and the chest is still heavy and hurts and my body feels all tingly all over and I'm feeling the jitters. Not so useful.

Yet again why I hate taking medicine for colds.

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Ortensia Norton said...

Will the sickness ever end?? Poor you.