Monday, April 27, 2009

If you don't get the newspaper

or if you do get the newspaper...

Proctor and Gamble have online coupons that you can put right onto your grocery store's card.

Go to
You will have to register but its free. Put in your area code and it will tell you which stores in your area are available. Put in your store card number into your account.
Select which coupons you want and they will automatically go to your card.
The next time you shop at that store and buy that item it will automatically just take it off. These coupons don't double.

I'm going to use these coupons as a bonus. I just dumped them all on my card and if I happen to use them I'll get a bonus. I'm not going to try and remember what's on my card especially since P&G products are all toiletries and right now I only buy them if they are under $.5o or free since we have everything we need.

You can also put free coupons onto you cell phone. I don't have a data plan on my cell phone so I'm not ready to figure that one out yet but those types of coupons are good for free movie rentals and a lot more than just toilet paper. If I get into it I'll post about it.

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