Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm Pregnant

Today I am a full believer in pregnant brain.

At about 7:45 this morning Mster's friends mom called me. She wanted to apologize for not telling me she was going out of town. I thought it was really odd. She happens to be the wife our church's bishop so even if she hadn't told me I already knew. But I thought it was nice of her and was ready to hang up when she asked if I was planning on taking her daughter to preschool (we usually carpool). I gently reminded her that it was spring break. She gently reminded me that our kids preschool only had spring break for 1 week since her teacher was in a different school district than where we lived. So Mster's been skipping all week. Oops. I probably wouldn't have sent her anyway because she's been sick but I still can't get over that we've been holed up here all week and could have been back to our routine.

Mster was VERY excited with the news. Got ready as fast as she could and then asked me to take a video of her with her camera singing a song about how happy she aws that spring break was over.

Yep. I'm pregnant

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