Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'd like to never have to do the last 24 hours again.

I won't bother documenting the 1st part of the last 24 hours but I the last part ended with a house full of kids.

A few months ago we got an awesome deal on furniture. If I had the energy I would link to the post about it. But...the dining room table we got had a huge stain that required professional help. Since it was under warranty I didn't worry about it and today we finally got it arranged to fix it. It was going to get fixed at my friends house since the warranty was under her name. I told her that I should watch her kids so she could deal with anything table oriented without being distracted.

The kids came. And for 3 hours my house was the loudest I think its every been. There was fighting. There was screaming. There was everything possible that could make them mad at each other happen. My hopes of getting some cleaning done while they were here soon dashed. Finally I went upstairs, picked a room and started cleaning. I moved to the other room and got on the phone to figure out some solutions to the 1st part of the 24 hours stuff. When I got off the phone (less than 5 minutes) I went downstairs.

4 children.
An entire container of oatmeal.
An entire container of raisins.
An entire container of animal crackers.
My entire main floor.

Put it all together and what have you got? A mental breakdown. Luckily the mom was do back in fifteen minutes.

So her kids are gone. My kids are in time out in their room. I'm seriously thinking of letting Mster stay there for a few hours. I want my little angel back. This is not an exclusive bad behavior situation.

This 24 hours better be done.

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