Thursday, April 02, 2009

Friends are Good

I'm a believer in friends. They've always been really really important to me. Part of me thinks its because I'm an only child and so I didn't have the closeness of siblings to rely on during life. But as I've grown up into a big girl I've lost a lot of my old friendships. They were ones I thought were so important at the time. They meant to the world to me and I thought vice versa. But their lives get busy. They have families of their own and our communication becomes me reading statuses on facebook. Of course there a few that I keep in pretty good contact with and don't resort to just blogs and facebook to maintain.

But I've had 2 friends from the "past" (I say that lightly because now I realize they were always there) who have since sprouted.

Today one of those friends saved me from having a horrible day. She was awesome. I knew I needed to talk to someone. The only person I could think of I knew was super busy and I just sat there trying to figure it out myself. Then I had the idea to call an old friend. We chatted. She helped me. She supported me. And then she had to go but I felt so much better after talking to her. I wasn't completely there but better. It was what she did a few hours later that makes friends good. She called me back. She talked to me about the things going on in my life. She laughed at the things going on in my life and she distracted me from feeling horrible and she rocks. After talking to her for awhile I had to go and she said "no problem, I just wanted to call and distract you a bit". She knew it. She knew what I needed and for the rest of the day I was able to not only function, I excelled.

And so I realized that there are friends out there that are real friends. The ones you can call on whenever. The ones who help you excell.

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