Saturday, July 11, 2009

You tell her Lster!

While I was shaving Cster's head we heard some chaos and yelling downstairs in the kitchen followed by crying. Shortly after, Lster came into our room with tears rolling down his cheeks. Apparently he was putting his noodles in Mster's bowl so she knocked him over onto the ground. He calmed down pretty quickly when he realized all the coolness of shaving a head.

Then, out of the blue, he leaves the room and yells from the top of the stairs.

" have to go to your room you should not knock people over."

Mster must have questioned his authority because the next line he said was...

"No I told you to go to your room."


aunty L said...

This story kind of choked me up a little. poor little Lster such a big world to take on. But he's doing it. :)

Amanda G. said...

hahaha. awesome!

CValentine said...

Funny, funny kids.