Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hair Clip Update

Um...I don't know what to say but its crazy beyond my imagination. I mean I guess I could be making thousands of clips and have a staff or something but for me just sitting on my couch making clips to one store the success has been phenomenal.

I took a little break this spring and finally got motivated to make more clips in June. Bella had been asking for a sports line for a few months and I realized it was time I got my act together and started making some more product.

So I worked my tail off and brought them what I thought was a reasonable amount of clips. They loved them and made some more requests for new hair clips. I then got super motivated and a week later I came in with over 120 clips I had made in the past week. Some of them were new clips and some were to restock items they had sold recently. They bought them all and made even more requests for different styles of new clips. I got to work again and called the store to set up a time to bring them the clips but apparently in the week or 2 where I had brought in all the other clips they had sold out of a bunch of them. So I went in that afternoon and took inventory to see what they needed.

Today I went in with around 70 clips and they yet again made more suggestions on clips they wanted me to start making. I went home a pretty happy girl and started making dinner. The phone rang and it was the store. They wanted to tell me that a lady had just come in and bought out a complete style (I had just brought it in a few hours earlier).

I was going to take a night off and get some other things done but I'll be at it again on Monday filling the orders they just keep placing. I can't even imagine what I would do right now with another store to stock.

I put a link to the store on the right hand side bar. Check them out! Good prices and GREAT people. They will eventually do online purchasing and I know they are going to include my line in that endeavor.

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