Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Year's Supply of...

As I've been working on finding good deals and using coupons and such I've decided to start getting a years supply of (enter product here) for as many items as will store for a year.

I'm Mormon and we are encouraged to have a year's supply of food and necessessities for whenever and whatever might happen. Whenever I think about getting a years supply of anything I remember being a missionary in DC and being ask to guest teach a univeristy class on comparitive religion. At the end of the class we (the missionaries) opened it up to questions. Most of the questions were moral based. Do you believe in euthanasia? What is your position on...? Then one lady raises her hand and says..."what's up with the years supply thing. My neighbor has a basement full of food. That's weird."

But its not weird. I know of many people who have lived off of their food storage when times have gotten tough, jobs lost, etc. And so...I've decided to work on it. When I get a great deal, I buy lots of it (if it will keep) and I realized today we are doing really well.

I'm going to have an active list in my sidebar so I can keep track of what I have. I'll start putting it together in the next few days.

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Scarlet Panda said...

I look forward to reading this. I'd heard about the food storage thing, and I always thought it was a good idea (it fits in well with my worrying nature and tendency to envision worst-case scenarios). But given that I barely manage to shop and cook for my current needs, it's never seemed that realistic for me.