Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock Obama

Mster has always referred to President Obama as Rock Obama. Whenever she sees his picture she points and shouts out his name in glee and excitement that she recognizes someone in mainstream media.

Today while we were driving to the library Mster informed me that she was mistaken and we did not just pass by Rock Obama's house. I asked her what she was talking about.

Mster: No mom, I was wrong. It wasn't his house. That one was red and white.
Me: Um...okay. Are you saying this because Barrack Obama lives in a white house.
Mster: I just told you that wasn't his house.
Me: Alright. And by the way his name is BArrack Obama.
Mster: Rock Obama
Me: No BArrack Obama
Mster: Rock Obama
Me: Ba
Mster: Ba
Me: rack
Mster: Rack.
Me: Barrack Obama
Mster: Rocko Obama
Me: There's a B in the front. Barrack Obama.
Mster: Barrack Obama?
Lster: Rock Obama. Rock Obama. Rock Obama. ROCK OHHH...BAMA!!!!

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