Friday, January 30, 2009

A Really Long Walk

A few weeks ago Mster planned a family day. She did it all on her own. She never really announced when it was going to happen only that it would. It involved a really long walk, a visit to a favorite indoor playground and a restaurant. We kind of let her live in her own little imaginary world figuring she would forget about it and move on to another fantasy day.

Well, this has not happened. The day has not surfaced but Mster has declared this Saturday as our VERY LONG WALK DAY! We will all (as a family) take a very long walk. She's determined. She's talked about it every day this week. Today she reminded me that our really long walk was going to happen tomorrow.

We've figured out that really long walk means "past our neighborhood", "almost to Denver", and "straight to the yellow park".

I've been instructed to call our friends to borrow their double stroller (in case she gets tired).

This whole thing amuses me greatly. We have never agreed and still today are sort of living in denial that she's really going to push the family event.


Beth said...

You've got to love kids and their organizational plans - and their absolute conviction that what they want will happen if only they have it all laid out and keep telling you about it. I've got a niece that has a narrative of what will happen when she is a princess . . . we haven't told her that it's not going to happen, and she's got really elaborate schemes. Some involve naming her ponies . . . at least Mster only wants a long walk and dinner.

Mavelous said...

so did you go?

Ortensia Norton said...

I've got to know if it happened. She's hilarious!