Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quips and Questions

Mster: Can animals live with holes in them?
Me: What kind of holes?
Mster: You know. Not the kind of holes that are in crayons but more like the people holes.
Me: I'm still not understanding what you mean by holes.
Mster: Well...holes.
Me: Like the hole in your mouth?
Mster: No.
Me: How did the animals get the holes?
Mster: By sharp swords.
Me: aahh


There's nothing like throwing up in a parking lot while your 2 year old son decides it would be hilarious to mimic and make retching sounds in his carseat.


Tara said...

-K- I may be waaay behind on this, but are you pregnant? What's with all the pukes?

Megan C said...

You know, its funny. . . boys actually think like that. I can totally see my son asking the very same question and really wanting to know the answer! Makes for some GREAT conversations doesn't it?

Mavelous said...

sorry, but it made me laugh to think of that.

then I felt like a jerk for laughing.

but then I laughed again.

I am sorry that you're feeling so wretched. And I'm sorry that Lster is such a ham at moments like these.

But I'm glad you posted this story...