Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 1/2 Birthday

A week ago Mster was invited to a friends house to play. She went and they took her to her friends older sister's elementary school where they had floats to celebrate the sister's 1/2 birthday. They NEVER did that when I was in school. I was always just out of luck for my birthday since it was in a summer months. But I digress.

If you can imagine the excitement that this caused for my 4 year old you should still up it another notch. She's been talking about 1/2 birthdays evey day and on Monday finally asked me when her 1/2 birthday was. I thought about it for a second, checked my calendar, and to Msters utmost delightment discovered it was only 2 days

Mster woke up this morning announcing her 1/2 birthday. She requested a friend over to play. She told all her preschool class during show and tell. She's expecting cupcakes (she can expect all she wants). She thinks its a real birthday and no matter how many times I tell her its not, in her mind, it is. I bought blueberries yesterday because they were on sale and let her have some for lunch. I told her they were for her 1/2 birthday. I let her invite her friend over (which she already does at least weekly) and told her it was because it was her 1/2 birthday. And now I'm sitting here trying to come up with other ways to "celebrate" this monumentous day without actually celebrating it.

I'm thinking of adding a few more stories at bedtime. "Letting" her play outside with the neighbors (its like 70degrees today). If I can get up let her pick out some new boots at Target (they're 75% off) for next year while I get ingredients for dinner. Maybe I'll even let her have some leftover Christmas M&M's that I give out as treats and desert whenever I'm feeling generous. only gets to turn 4 1/2 once in a lifetime. :)

Mster: Mom, can I have blueberries on my 1/2 birthday every year?


Ann said...

I got half birthdays in school a number of times. It was always better than the collective "oh, I guess we should lump all the summer birthday kids together into one group in the last week of school" birthday celebration. We didn't do cupcakes in school, though, since we couldn't have anything home baked when I was little (your cupcakes might not be sufficiently kosher to let everyone eat them). So my mom never had to do more than send in a box of cookies in February. But it's still important and exciting to a 4 year old.

Beth said...

We had no Jewish people (seriously - we had Christmas break every year), so we had cupcakes, but there was nothing for summer birthday kids. Just the ability to have a water party for your birthday . . .