Sunday, September 16, 2012

Puj Snug Product Tester

I just got a chance to try out a new and fun product. I think it was fate. I had three of my kids in the bath and one of them whacked their head on the faucet. I figured I would either have to split them up or get a soft foamy thing for the faucet. I figured I'd need one even if I did split them up because my 3 yr old is a maniac in the bath tub. He really likes to wear goggles and go deep sea diving. I wish that I could say that the goggles make him see better but I'm pretty sure he could possibly slam into the faucet if he was in the bath by  himself.

Then comes an email from Puj asking me to pruduct test a faucet cover. Um...yes please. Perfect.

And here it is...

Here are some of my thoughts in no specific order:

  • My 8 yr old told me she whacked her head on it and it was "really really soft".
  • It is soft and foamy.
  • It does cover the entire faucet.
  • It makes it difficult to pull the shower clip up. You can do it fine, you just have to get your fingers in there. 
  • You can't hang anything off of the shower knob. (like a puff)

But its cute. And my kids like it. And its gender neutral. And I really don't think my kids will hurt themselves with it on the faucet (knock on wood). 

Thanks Puj. Another great product.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon.

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Aunty Lissa said...

I can totally hear Mster saying that. She's so cute.